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You are such a faggot. Yes you are.... Just because you keep yourself in the closet does not make it false....

Suck and Swallow Faggot

I talk to you about how delightfully slutty your girlfriend is & how much you love it. You love it when she lets you fuck her after other guys have cum in her. You love licking up the creampies.

Chastity Training With Your Slutty Girlfriend
I'm not totally heartless though, I saved you a little souvenir; our used condom.

Post Coitus Humiliation
The storyline is that I am under the impression you are inviting me in to have sex with you which turns out to be very far from the truth.

Cuckolded Cleanup Bitch
you just love being Sir and I's live in cuck. Tonight was the first night We went out on a date and guess who paid for it?

Cuckie I'm Home
You trust me, worship me, and you'd do just about anything for me. That includes sucking my strap-on.

Super Faggot: The Forced Awaken
Hey honey. We need to have a talk. I know that you know that Im sleeping with other people.

Fluffer Cuck Husband
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