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I want you to cum in your hand and eat it as I spread my pussy and show you my own cum stringing out... :)

Bikini Masturbation Jerkoff Encouragement CEI
Lets have a little fun! You want to make me happy, don't you? I want you to eat your cum.

Sensual Cum Eating Encouragement
Your best friends sister is on the back porch totally nude, sunbathing, when you arrive at their house. You just came over to visit.

Cum Eating Peeping Tom
You are away on a business trip, all alone and horny in a hotel room, luckily your slutty daughter had made you a special video for this exact moment.

Slutty Daughter CEI
Hello my eager little cum addict. I have fun plans for you today. Youll be stroking and edging your cock over and over again until precum drips from the tip.

Edge Drip Taste
Have you tried it? I promise I'll make it fun and SO sexy! I'll tease you with my ass which looks crazy hot in yoga pants.

Goddess in Yoga Pants Guides You To Eat Your Cum
Please give me a count down at the end and as you reach 1 demand that I swallow my cum!

Forced to Swallow CEI