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So open up that wallet and open up that mouth, because if she lets you cum then she expects you to swallow it.

Get Your Mouth Ready
So you want to be my ultimate cum eater?

You're going to cum at my command, and eat your seed for me.

The Pact (the Arcane Sorceress)
Shes bored of you. Why do you like eating your own cum anyway?

Pimping Out My Cumslut

I want you to lick your cum up like a kitty licking a bowl of milk. LOL

Lap it up!
Exactly what it sounds like - worship and jerk as you give thanks for My existence, then slurp up your loser load.

Give Thanks for Your Princess - Thanksgiving CEI
Eating your cum is the hottest thing ever! And you really want to eat it, don’t you?

Assume The Cum Dump Position