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In this clip Viola guides you through your first ever self facial cum eating experience.

Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI
If eating your own cum isn't degrading enough, I have a great cum cocktail ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

CUM Cocktail
you get to eat up all that delicious cum, that you just ejaculated, to My cum eating instruction.

Jerk and Swallow Cumslut
You are not a real man. A real man would never wait for a woman’s permission to cum.

Losers Like You wait for Permission to Cum
I found out his voyeur side and blackmailed him for my amusement.

Cum Eating Landlord
Jerk off her way as she instructs you how to unsoil her glorious hole.

Ass Worship and Jerk Off and Cum Eating Instruction with Blair Winters
She wants you to jerk off in front of her while she verbally degrades you. Then she wants you to eat your cum.

Eat Your Cum lil Dick Loser