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If you want to stroke your cock for me today, you gonna need a saved load of cum. Got it? Good boy.

Double Load of Cum
Daniel, make sure you're well stocked with before you start this video.

Edge with Poppers for me Daniel
You're back for another special session with your boss. You're still annoyed that she wouldn't let you cum last time.

Boss Makes You Eat Your Cum
Sometimes the amount of time it takes to work you into a lather just so you'll be tricked into eating your cum for me is so tedious.

Shortcut to Cum Eating
There’s nothing like seeing a nice thick load of cum but I only want to see that cum if you follow my plan.

Um I Might Let You Cum If
So the dirty little pervert is back for his next dose of humiliation.

A mouthful of SHAME
Has cum eating gone mainstream? That's the question I discuss here.

Has Cum Eating Gone Mainstream?