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Like so many, you're turned on by the thought of eating your own cum for me, but as soon as you blow your load you chicken out. Not this time.

Frozen Cum For Effective CEI
I dont care for regular jerk off instruction unless it ends up on your face so come here you need this.

Eat that Cum One More time!
I want you to enjoy yourself as you watch and listen to my instruction. At the end there will be cum eating instructions so don't disappoint your Mistress now.

What U Crave
Nothing better to follow my lead and getting reward. This is what you get for being a jerk obsessed boy cum swallowing lover in the closet.

Lose Control Under My Control
I give you a cum countdown and when I reach 1, you lean back and cum in your own mouth.

Stepsister CEI JOI
This clip is for you real cum sluts you the ones who are more than willing to clean it up.

Not For Beginners
I want to train you to become my filthy cum eating slut...

Cum Swallower Training