» » Prrincess Cherry - Self Discovery ASSignment

Prrincess Cherry - Self Discovery ASSignment

Prrincess Cherry - Self Discovery ASSignment
Prrincess Cherry - Self Discovery ASSignment

With Prrincess there's always room for growth all it takes is a little self discovery! Today you don't have much of a choice, My ass has officially given you an ASSignment haha! One that I KNOW you'll attempt no questions asked, but because I love making you prove your love to My booty in sick twisted ways, I'm making it a requirement rather than a choice! Yes you literally HAVE to gobble up your load for Princess today! But that's not all.. Prrincess wants to test your flexibility haha! In today's self discovery were going to find out if you're capable of doing something most would only consider if their life depended on it! but for you, it doesn't... it's just something your freaky dirty mind strongly desires to accomplish for My juicy booty!
Ass Worship, Cum Eating Instructions, Ass Domination, Assignment, Bratty, CEI, FemDom JOI, Humiliating Task, Reprogramming Fantasy, Self Facial, Self Sucking, Slave Training,

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