» » Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level

Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level

You little cum eating addict. Since I first taught you how to eat your own cum, you can’t stop. You’re emailing me, tweeting me, begging me to instruct you again on how to eat your own cum. You’re becoming a real addict. I know you want it right now. So go on, take out your dick. I know you’re already hard just staring at my amazing body. Who could resist? My perfection, instructing you to eat your own cum, this is what you live for now.
Jerk it to my perfect body, my little cum eater. I know you’re so eager, but you must wait until I tell you. It’s so disgusting but you love it. You love slurping down all that cum for my this ass. Your addiction is growing day by day. Craving cum more and more. Soon you won’t be able to cum without eating up your load for me. And you’re so turned on by that thought.
Soon you might start to want other men’s cum. You’re such a cum eating addict. That’s where your life is going. It’s disgusting and hilarious that you’re addicted to your own cum, but it will be even more pathetic when you’re addicted to eating other men’s cum. But you just can’t stop. I know how turned on you are right now. I want you to build up a nice big load before I make you slurp it down this time. Jerk, jerk, jerk, my little cum eater.
All you can think about is eating it for me. YOU ARE AN ADDICT! Now, when I tell you to, you’re going to cum into your hand, and you’re going to eat it when I say so. Look at you, you can’t wait! Fucking pathetic. Go on cum in your hand, but don’t eat it yet. Hold your hand out, look at it, then slurp it down like the addict that you are. Every single drop. Do it with a smile on your face. Haha, do you know how disgusting you are? Soon I’m going to expose you for the cum eating fool that you are, and I’m going to make you eat another man’s cum and take your addiction to a whole new level.

Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level
Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level

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