» » Miss Ruby Grey - Real Men SWALLOW (CEI)

Miss Ruby Grey - Real Men SWALLOW (CEI)

Swallowing is the hardest part, but you’ll see how enjoyable it becomes when I’m guiding you. Looking into My mesmerizing eyes & dangerous body makes you want to obey. It makes the humility of eating your cum much more tolerable. It turns the suffering and hesitation into pleasure. Teasing you with My body is only going to make you BEG to cum and swallow. Real men swallow their cum. Today’s the day you finally shoot your load into your mouth and swallow every single drop EAGERLY. No hesitations. Nip slips included.
Published Feb 1, 2023
Cum Eating Instructions, Edging Fetish
Body Worship, CEI, CEI Encouragement, Edgeplay, Edging, Goddess Worship, Jerk Off Instruction, Sensual Domination, Tease Goddess,

Miss Ruby Grey - Real Men SWALLOW (CEI)
Miss Ruby Grey - Real Men SWALLOW (CEI)


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