» » Goddess Farrah - Learning to LOVE Eating Cum! CEI

Goddess Farrah - Learning to LOVE Eating Cum! CEI

Before your start this clip, I want you to edge for at least 1 day or up to 1 week. I want you to build up a huge load! Then don’t eat for 8 hours. Are you ready? Sit down in front of me pet. Today I will guide you through eating your own cum. I am going to program you to love cum, to crave it every single day, to want every drop in your belly. I will push you past your resistance, push you over the edge, until you only jerk off to eat cum and not for pleasure. I will make you crave cum for ever meal. Are you excited? Good..
Cum Eating Instructions
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Goddess Farrah - Learning to LOVE Eating Cum! CEI
Goddess Farrah - Learning to LOVE Eating Cum! CEI


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