» » You Need A Big Load To Satisfy Your Appetite

You Need A Big Load To Satisfy Your Appetite

Hey little cum guzzler, are you ready to eat your own load? Yeah? We know you are. But we both think it's so disgusting! Eww you're so gross! And today you're just going to eat it. Why? Because we're telling you to. Oh and because you love it! Fucking freak. We only wish we could be there to actually see you do it. Even though it'd be so gross, we'd love to watch you make a fool of yourself. There's nothing funnier than a loser gobbling up his own load.
So start jerking that dick loser, build up a huge fucking load. This isn't new for you, you know exactly what you're doing. LOL, good boy. Faster loser. Lick your lips thinking about how good it's going to taste. Isn't it so exciting to jerk it to two hot young brats, knowing you're going to eat it for us?
And we want one of your hands jerking while the other hand is cupped in front of your cock, just waiting to catch all that cum. And you better make sure you get it all in your hand because if you miss, you're going to be licking it up off the floor! LOL! You fucking idiot! We want you to savor every last drop. You need a big load to satisfy your appetite, so edge that cock for us while we mock the fuck out of you for being such a cum eating fucktard!
You get so excited thinking about eating it, don't you? You don't care how we make you, just as long as we make you. You just want to guzzle down every last drop. Eating it is even better than cumming for you, isn't it? That's so fucking pathetic. You're a fucking cum dumpster. You're so gross loser. Just the thought has you so excited, so ready to cum.
Ready to blow that load and eat it, loser? We can't wait to laugh in your face! This is what happens to pathetic losers, they have to swallow their own cum. Blow that loser load and catch it in your hand and lick it all up. Lick up every last drop, don't waste any of it. Then lick your fingers clean and lick up any drops that are on the floor. Ewww you're so disgusting! LOL! I'll bet the grosser it tastes, the more you like it. Now thank us!

You Need A Big Load To Satisfy Your Appetite
You Need A Big Load To Satisfy Your Appetite

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