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I would love if you could cross and uncross your legs teasing me, knowing how weak it makes me. You verbally abuse me telling me how pathetic I am and how crossing your legs makes me so weak. In fact you could make me eat my own cum and Encourage me to be bi if you wanted.

Degraded & Pimped Out For Me
You better be on your best behavior when you step into Kendall Penny’s boudoir. A true Southern Belle, Kendall has no time for weak, disobedient boys and you’re going to have to prove that you’re tough enough to handle her instructions, not to mention her intense sexual energy!

KINKY JOI - Eat Up Your Lust
I want you to have two saved cummy loads, in a shot glass. I am going to make you into my greedy boy, today. You will greedily consume your own filth for me, without hesitation.

Greedy Boy
I loaded in sessions on this day and have punished and restrained and teased boys, literally all day. Near midnight, I just really want you underneath me some more, and I've no time for guile. On your knees, for your dominatrix goddess. Sit down and shut up and grab your dick.

Bondage High JOI
What the fuck are you looking at, loser? I tell you how to stroke your virgin cock while mocking you and teasing you with my tight little body. Shaking my ass, putting my pussy in your face, stroking you off with my hand, and counting down until you cum. But surprise! You have to eat it up!

Bully Cheerleader JOI + Surprise CEI
No Nut November is finally over. You've been waiting for this moment for what feels like months. You are so eager to experience the orgasm that you've been building all month. I will allow you to cum, but I'm not going to allow you to do it too quickly. I've toyed with you the last 2 months, and I want to toy with you for your orgasm too.

NNN Is Over
You’ve chickened out of eating your cum too many times. I know you don’t feel submissive after cumming so you don’t eat your cum like you’re supposed to, so I’ve got a new plan that will ensure you do as you’re told. You’ll be licking it all up like a good little cum slut.

YOU WILL Eat Your Cum
Your new therapist-fantasy is helping you work through some deep rooted issues. You have always struggled with confidence, and feelings of inadequacy. Even though, you know why you feel this way, you don't like to admit it.

Sex Therapy-Fantasy
Eating your warm, salty load has been your biggest fantasy forever

Cum Eating Instructions For Dummies