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You have a cock for a reason and that reason IS NOT TO REPRODUCE BETA BOY! It's to pump your cock all day long! There is no escaping porn! I want you to masturbate and isolate yourself forever!

Princess Lisa Jordan - Masturbate and isolate
This clip is derived from the school yard game "Step-Mother may I." I will tell you what to do and you will reply with "Princess may I". I will then proceed with my final answer of yes or no.

Princess May I
There are just so many wonderful places for you to spill your worship puddle. My amazing breast...ass...voluminous lips...my face...all over my pussy...And I am going to tease you with each part, working you up to a nice, full ball sac. But it's going to be a surprise until the very end as to where you will shoot it ;)

Cum Surprise
You want me to play a little game. You have a pair of black or white panties on. I have to guess. If I guess wrong... I have to eat up all my cum. You tease me and tell me to stroke faster and faster and I'm getting harder and harder right to the edge.

Cum Eating Play Game
You get 3 guesses to guess the color of my panties. So choose 3 colors, the first color will be your first choice, the 2nd color your 2nd choice and so on. If you get it right on the 1st try you cum normal, 2nd guess - ruined, 3rd guess - eat it and if you don't guess it correctly at all denied! Good luck!

3 guess panty color
For once you don't need my convincing…you have grown to actually love the taste of your own filth!

Cum eating slut
If theres one thing I know about whores its that they love swallowing that yummy white gooeyyy stuff!!

Yum yum eat your cum
You will need 5 loads of previous cum for this session.

5 Loader
Am I really going to eat my cum for Princess Lisa? Yes! Yes you are you dirty slut!!

CEI challenge
You will need a glass with a shot of and 3 previous loads saved up. Your horny dick is cumming twice today!

Cum Cocktail
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