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I'm sick of you losers jerking off as fast as you can. And I've notice something, when you cum too fast, your load isn't that big.

The Biggest Load You’ve Ever Eaten

Then when he's about to cum, help him aim it so he gets it all right down his throat. And if he gets any on his face, make him wipe it off with his fingers and then have him lick them clean.

Your Boyfriend Likes To Eat His Own Cum
There is new scientific proof that the more cum you eat, the gayer you become. Yes seriously. And it doesn't even matter whether it's someone else's cum or your own. Eating cum makes you gay. So in order to test this theory, we're going to do a little experiment. I know you eat a lot of your own cum, so I've been wondering.... Have you started to have gayer thoughts or fantasies? And I also wanted to know if you've started craving it in your ass a bit more? Hmm I see, so both of those things are true. You must be eating a lot of cum because these are definitely two side effects.

Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment