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I just got back from the gym and I'm SO tired. I met this really hot guy with an awesome body. I could totally see his dick through his shorts.

Clean My Feet Cuck
I've noticed that you have been rather stressed lately. So to help alleviate some of that, I take you on a sensual journey at the "spa".

A Relaxing Spa Day Facial
Don’t even TRY and act like you don’t want to eat all your cum for Me. Hahaha… you do!

CEI Lover
You're a nasty pervert, a cumslut in the making. I can see the truth, the hunger in your eyes. I'm going to set your inner cumslut free, pet.

Messy Cum Shower For the Hungry Cum Whore
The sight of my ass gets your cock hard. How about you jerk off for it and then eat all your cum off my ass?

Feast On Your Jizz