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I have a special task for you when you ejaculate.

Get your Fuck Hole Ready
Eat your cum for My cock.

Eat Cum For My Cock
Are you going to cum? Do it in your palm. you're going to swallow...

Swallow For Me faggot cocksucker
It's time to thaw it out and discover what I have planned for you and your cup of cum.

7 Days Later
Look what's back on your screen. It's My big sexy bulge. I know you've been checking out others but there aren't any that do it for you like Mine.

My Big Sexy Bulge
you get to eat up all that delicious cum, that you just ejaculated, to My cum eating instruction.

Jerk and Swallow Cumslut
I want you to pull your legs up over your head so that your penis is pointing toward your face. I want you to jerk it towards your face.

Eat your Ball Sauce
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