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Bi-Sexual, Cum Eating Instructions

MoneyGoddesss - Bi Cum Eating Instructions
I helped myself to a shopping trip with your credit card and I want to hear you beg me to show you what I bought. I know you're weak for shiny, thigh high boots. You're whimpers turn me on. I got these boots for my next hot date, not for you.

Bad Bella - Boot Worship CEI
Finally decided to embrace your gay side but not sure where to start? This beginner cock sucking task will get you used to sucking on something that isn't quite a dildo yet - your fingers!

Goddess Ally Etana - Cock Sucking Training Program - Course 1
I have been optioned by our city\s mayor to patrol the streets at night during this quarantine. Yes me..The HOTTEST woman you have ever seen..While you seemed to have wondering out well past the city's curfew limits..

Goddess Taylor Knight - Corona Cum Patrol
Poison Ivy wants to involve you in her experiment. You agree and with not a second to waste, she leans over and plants a kiss on your lips. Immediately you feel...strange. Your vision changes and you grow rock hard down below.

Am I surprised you are back at my feet again? No. You are simply addicted to Me. You thought you could finally quit FinDom, but you FAILED. You fell right back into RELAPSE-fantasy... again.

Elis Euryale - You always cum back / Relapse-Fantasy
The same old boring experiences simply don't cut it for you anymore, do they?
You need to spice up that boring sensation, of pumping that cock and busting your load…

Princess Cin - The Secret Sauce
Take a quick lunch break for a sweet and salty treat. You can sneak wherever you want for this. Watch this clip, and go back to work after licking up every last drop.

Goddess Amanda - Take a Break CEI [Topless]
Look at yourself... you barely recognize your own reflection. Look at what you've become. You've neglected your wife, your life, your work, your finances... you've been distracted. Obsessed. All you can think about is your addiction to eating cum.

Queen Elastica - Ruined by CEI
All my good cum eating sluts will enjoy this one.. just like every other one. You love how I order you to stroke until you blow your load wherever I decide. If you're a good cumslut you will buy this now!

Goddess Amanda - Queen of the CumDumpsters Topless Tease
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