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It really is like magic, isn't it? Anytime you see me, you fall completely under my spell! Your cock gets rock hard and you're powerless to resist my demands.

ScarlettBelle - Like Magic
Listen bitch, today is the day you are going to eat up, every last drop of your disgusting cum.

Lexi Luxe - Beat It. Eat It. CEI
Are you ready to be my good boy? I want you to please me with your obedience and willingness to humiliate yourself for my amusement. Don't worry, there's still something in it for you - I'm going to tease you with my soft tits and perfect ass while you stroke for me, building you up to a huge release.

ScarlettBelle - Drained On Your Face
You are going to give Me the white Christmas I am dreaming of! You see, it doesn't snow here where I live, so I have to be creative. I am going to have you stroking, edging, and worshiping Me.

Shaye Rivers - Dreaming of a White Christmas
You've been a VERY bad boy lately - I know you haven't been swallowing your cum when I demand it. I'm not going to let this slide. Since you've proven to be so disobedient, I'm going to have to make you cum in the most humiliating position possible - the loser position.

ScarlettBelle - Loser Position Punishment
I ask you to meet with Me in the teachers lounge after class. I've caught you staring at My body on multiple occasions, and have even caught you jerking off. It's unacceptable behavior, and it deserves punishment.

Goddess Evelyn - Punished By The Teacher
You're so turned on by the concept of swallowing your load, but you still struggle to go through with it. Don't worry darling, I know just how to help you.

Scarlett Belle - Seduced Into Swallowing
As funny as it is seeing you cover your own face with cum, I want you to perfect getting it straight into your mouth whenever I tell you to. I want you to learn how to get it straight from cock to mouth, so you get the biggest possible mouthful in one go. You’ll get the full effect of a load of cum hitting the back of your throat.

Miss Alika White - Perfect Your Aim for Me
I want you to moan, stroke your cock and beg for cum. Today you are My slut and you'll show Me that after all the training we've been through you can take a big load on your face.

Miss Anna - Give Yourself a Facial
Isn't wearing panties so arousing?
I know, the second you put it on, you start throbbing, uncontrollably.

Leda von Thrill - Panties CEI
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