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God, I haven't cum this fucking hard in forever. No wonder your cock is throbbing hard, the neighbors must be able to hear me moaning for Him! Don't worry though.. we're not done yet.

DarlingKiyomi - Lick His Cum Off My Tits
Years of sexual failure have led you here: to serving, worshipping, cuckolding, and humiliation. I’ve made you do so many depraved and disgusting things, but it’s time to make you reach a new peak… you’re going to swallow my alpha man’s load, and you’re going to love it. I don’t care if you want to or not, either way, you’re going to eat his cum, faggot.

Goddess Alessa - Eat His Load
You walk in on Mean Mommy Freshie bent over the kitchen counter, hair mess. Her and Daddy just fucked, and her pussy is full and dripping with Daddy’s cum.

Freshie Juice - Mind Fuck Mommy Feeds You Cum and Piss
You love watching your cute wife sucking dick and getting fucked by other men. Tonight is even more fun, because you’ll be trying something new!

NerdySadie - Eat His Creampie, Cuck!
Your ex-girlfriend’s friend humiliates and degrades you about your relationship with her. She cheated on you so many times while you were together and you never had a clue!

AimeeWavesXXX - You're My Pussy Cleaner Now
You've devoted your life to being a good cuck. You realized your place a long time ago, and as a beta, you would do anything to be involved in my superior sex life. You've dreamed of when I would give you privileges of being involved, and putting you to good use.

Queen Carmella - Creampies Are for Good Cucks
You've always wondered if your girlfriend is cheating on you and, no surprise, she is. You can't blame her. Why would she saddle herself to you when she can find someone so much better. She's been out there, getting fucked, and turning you into a clean-up cuck, loser.

Miss Katherine Noir - Your Girlfriend Made You a Cuck, Beta
Role play: I enjoy thinking about a life where I seduce your step-dad and ruin his marriage. I enjoy thinking about him being very wealthy - spoils me, cares for me, etc. In his huge mansion lives his virgin loser step-son (you).

Princess Anasia - Step-Mommy Cucks You
For just a split second hubby cuck thought he was going to get the chance to pleasure me! My attention quickly turned to the alpha bull naked and hung sat right beside me!

Lady Onyx - I'll Keep Your Chastity Key Safe While I Get What I Need!
You'll never be able to fuck me, but I'll let you watch a real man fuck me. His cock feels soooo good, & it feels so good for him too, but you'll never know what it feels like!

AimeeWavesXXX - Eat His Cum Outta Me, Cuck!
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