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Make sure you follow all the rules! FUCKING PERVERT.

Indecent exposure
This great British jerk off is gonna blow you away.

The great British JERK OFF
So... today, you'll CUM too!

Tonight you will cum...
Theres a good boy...everyone cleans their plate in my house!

Mates hot step mom CEI

Added: 3/11/19
You've gone down on her so many times over the years as she drips out other mens spunk from earlier instead of pussy juice, your brain began to love male

The reason you eat your CUM

Added: 12/20/18
I don't let you stroke/cum often, so when you get to touch yourself for me, its like a dream! I know you're terrified of eating your cum, BUT theres only one way to end this. 'SEMEN SAMPLING' Heres what going to happen, loser. You're going to get to stroke your cock.

Semen Sampling
It gets tough forever being denied, i know slave. You're always saying. Ive noticed your motivation is a little low, and you seem depressed. Not cumming for a long time is taking its toll. So in order to boost your mental health and keep you a happy hard WORKING slave, I'm going to incorporate EJACULATION In to the next 24hrs.

24 Hour cum fest!
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