» » Lady Nina Leigh
Now your like a fiend for some CEI you thrive on the humiliation of eating your own cum.

Craving the white stuff
You'll get to cum but I'm going to have to push your limits ...

Best friends girl MAKES you CUM
Hello goddess Nina, You tell me to take a plate and you tell me you have a surprise for me.

Bon appetit
Time to stroke and obey, no matter how humiliating the outcome may be.

Good boys obey
You've been fighting the hunger, my cum eating slut. You believe you've mastered it?

Fighting the hunger
So you've learnt to crave the taste of your own cum...

You'll Crave Cock
HEY SLUT! its time you amused me and swallowed that cum straight up in to your mouth. dont even tak dont even try and say no loser .. just jerk and drink!!

Make sure you follow all the rules! FUCKING PERVERT.

Indecent exposure
This great British jerk off is gonna blow you away.

The great British JERK OFF
So... today, you'll CUM too!

Tonight you will cum...
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