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Swallow every drop of your cum

Hurt your Balls and Eat your Cum
I am so disappointed in you. You've been promising me you'd eat your cum since the day we met, ...

Eat your Cum and Please Me
I've been filming all day in My hot house and getting so sweaty.

Cum With My Panties in Your Mouth
Now show me how you lick it clean. Stick it in your mouth and suck it all off. I want you to tell me how much you love it. I want you to say, Im a little cum addict for Princess Kelly.

Cum Lube Ass Fucking And Cum Eating For Jizz Junkies
I want you to EAT that cum for Me! You're gonna LOVE it. Swallow it all for Me. Be a good little cum slut.

I Decide the Fate of your Cum
You're gonna be My play thing today. That means I get to do whatever I want with you and you can't say no.

Smother and Slap yourself
You will fuck yourself into oblivion as you stare at Me in my tight shiny dress, telling you exactly how I'd use you and your whore ass and mouth.

Degraded cum slut
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