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I give you a bunch of ways to really open up your body so you can suck your own dick.

Stretching with Bunny and Self Suck Instructions
I'm feeling like you need to show me what a cum slut you are. You need to follow my sexy body and my sweet voice into complete submission of eating your own cum.

Cum Eating Instruction
Guess there's only one thing to entertain me with a small dick.... to eat that cum for me

Cannot Satisfy Me

Added: 8/3/18
I want you, when I say, to eat your own load for me. You're going to eat your own cum, just for me. But wait, it gets better. Not only are you going to eat it, but you're going to pay for it. Pretty simple really, you eat your load and then you tribute me for allowing you to eat it, lol.

As It Goes Down Your Throat, Click And Pay
Then finish with you telling me to lick up my cum or cum in my mouth with legs over head and make me thank you after

Do What I Say
You have been waiting for this for a long time.... hot chick with a hot dick. That's right, I have a dick for you to suck on. I'm going to give you a nice big load of cum to eat up too.

Eat My Cum Slut
Today's instructions are A LOT of fun.

My Decision Orgasm Control Part 3

Added: 2/10/18
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