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This is Luke's first time to eat his cum, but I acknowledge everyone can join in as well. I like to seduce and use the time wisely to explain why eating cum isn't as bad as you think. I want you to feel comfortable and excited to do it, not nervous. I'm going to show you exactly how I want it done. The easiest way possible and and do it with you. I want you to cum into your hand and lick it off... every last drop for me.

Eat Your Cum for the First Time
You want to be a dirty nasty little cum slut for me. Do you think you can handle it? I know you CRAVE to be a little cum slut for me. You want it more than anything. Get ready to get messy. To save up some cum beforehand. One in an ice cube.... You're going to get really weird and freaky for me. CUM SLUT!

Nasty Cum Slut
You won't do this kinky thing for your wife. You need to do it for Bunny! Are you ready to play with your marriage, tell me you love me, and then eat your cum? Yes You Are!

Homewreck Bunny Obsession CEI
Exactly what the title says. We're starting a jar that's filled with cum. I'll tease you out of it, watch me. You'll build it up, loads of it. I'll have you do exactly as I say. I want you to be a good stroker for me. I'll tell you what I need you to do with that jar. You'll have to wait for part 2 in one week to continue.

Build Up Cum Jar Part 1

Now it's time to take that jar out for me. Oh yes. It's time to do it. I mean really do it. You'll do it because you cannot resist me. My sheer top, perky tits and hot body make you do anything I ask. Pour that cum down your throat for me. Do it because I control you. i'll tease you until it's all gone!

Build Up Cum Jar Part 2
I know your obsessed with the thought of eating your own cum. Guess what? It's time to eat it. CUM GET IT.

Cum Get It

It's easy, you just follow my instructions and there you have it.

Lick Cum From Your Lips
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