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I'm a dirty little cum slut

Cum Slut JOI
No way to escape. Now eat it for me.

 Vapors Bitch Mind Fuck Worship
It's not going to taste nice, but you'll do anything for me.

Pants Rub CEI Task

Added: 11/4/19
You're going to show me how desperate you are to please me. Do whatever I ask of you.


Added: 9/1/19
Get out of your comfort zone. You'll be eating your cum somewhere else today. Either office or hotel.

Out Of Comfort Zone

Added: 5/13/19
I know you like it... to eat your own cum. Love the taste....

You Like Cum Eating
Don't Be Scared. You can do it for me. Just one tiny little taste. That's all. It's really easy.

Dont Be Scared CEI
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