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I know your obsessed with the thought of eating your own cum. Guess what? It's time to eat it. CUM GET IT.

Cum Get It

It's easy, you just follow my instructions and there you have it.

Lick Cum From Your Lips
You are here to entertain me. Whatever I 'throw' at you. You do it. I snap my fingers, you beg to entertain me.

Entertain Me PET
It's time for games. My games that you will follow...

Ruin It and Eat It
You always pussy out of eating your cum. Once you cum, that excitement is over for you. You go back to being boring you.

Ice Cube Cum Control
Just stop being a pussy. I'll explain why you shouldn't be scared to eat your own cum.

Down with the Cum
I know you have been such a pussy when it comes to eating your cum. Just fucking do it already.

Just Fucking Do It Already - CEI
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