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I know you like it... to eat your own cum. Love the taste....

You Like Cum Eating
Don't Be Scared. You can do it for me. Just one tiny little taste. That's all. It's really easy.

Dont Be Scared CEI
Go ahead, listen to my words. You will eat your own cum today.

Eating Your Cum
Stroke away. But you'll be cumming into your mouth tonight.

Pathetic Cum Eating Slave
You're going to be a good little cum eater for me. That's what you want, right?

Good Little Cum Eater
Then you'll be finishing it all off with a nice CEI.

FleshLight Fuck and CEI
I'm going to give you a choice for the end of our session. Will you be a good boy and lick it up?

Seeing Dr Bunny in Chastity Part 3

Added: 2/15/19
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