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Chastity for 30 days? No, that's too easy. Chastity for every month. All of them, all the time. Catch my drift? Lock it up and throw away the key. It's time for you to commit, to give in fully. Why would I want you free with that penis of yours?

Bratty Bunny - Chastity Every Month
You know what women HAVE to do after sex right? Yes, we have to make sure we go number one. So I have a job for you. You are going to be my after sex cuck. My cuck toilet. You'll need to soak up all the number 1 and cum after I fuck my man. All that hot nectar and hot cum dripping down into your mouth. Make sure you open up SO wide. You can't miss a drop!

Bratty Bunny - After Sex Cuck
Dot it quick! When I say, you're going to jerk it it quickly, and then I'll count you down AND THEN YOU WILL RUIN IT FOR ME. If you want to have an orgasm, it's going to be a ruined one! I'm going to give you a very little timeframe to stroke for me, so you better be ready to ruin it when I say so!

Bratty Bunny - Quick! Ruin It!
I know all about you. I know you so well that you will stroke forever. Your whole life just stroking, jerking, masturbating to femdom porn. To all kinds of porn. Staring at the screen, hours and hours of watching my clips. You're a total jerk off addict! A masturbation fiend. A JOI connoisseur.

Bratty Bunny - Stroke Forever
GET DOWN! Be a good slave for me. Worship me properly. Bow down, all the way for Goddess Bunny. You want to obey me don't you? You want to be mind fucked by me don't you? You don't want to say no to me. You want to say "yes Goddess Bunny" all day every day.

Bratty Bunny - GET DOWN
You always try to escape. Or it's crossed your mind before. But this is your purpose... to be under me, controlled by me. To serve Goddess Bunny. To be a good boy for me. To praise my name and bow down to me.

Bratty Bunny - Your Purpose
You love jerking off for me. Even better you LOVE when I tell you do masturbate exactly how I say. We'll start by my instruction and you're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Tell me you love it non stop throughout this clip. Get your masturbation addiction going and LOVe everything that I say and do. You will LOVE it. It's a guarantee.

Bratty Bunny - Love It JOI
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