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I have indoctrinated you over the years to submit to my every command. You always come back wanting more, craving it in fact. You want to be such a weak pathetic loser slave for me.

Bratty Bunny - Submit To My Power - Edge, Eat, Ruin, Over and Over
You are complete trash and crave the most fucked up humiliation. So I'm giving you a special degrading task to complete for me today.

Bratty Bunny - Garbage CEI
This is a guaranteed method of eating your own cum. I'm going to make it the sweetest way possible. To make it easier on you so you eat every last drop.

Bratty Bunny - The Sweetest CEI
You love to be a good boy for me. Show me how well you obey and be a good cum eater. Drip it slowly for me. Get ready to follow all my orders.

Bratty Bunny - DRIP IT - CEI
I'm giving you detailed instructions today. There will be a lot of added teasing in this clip. You will follow all my rules to be a good boy for me. Edging, teasing, and the final cum eating task for me to complete today. See how well you do for Bratty Bunny.

Bratty Bunny - Edge it and Eat it
What are you going to do for me today? You're going to give yourself a bimbo cum facial. Because you love to be a little slutty bimbo for me. A nasty little whore for Bratty Bunny.

Bratty Bunny - Bimbo Facial
I have another task for you as our cuck. You crave this opportunity for supreme alpha couple. We will use you up as we see fit. Cuck does a lot of clean up duties. You know what you're in for cuck? You're looking forward to it.

Bratty Bunny - Cuck Cum Rag
Chastity for 30 days? No, that's too easy. Chastity for every month. All of them, all the time. Catch my drift? Lock it up and throw away the key. It's time for you to commit, to give in fully. Why would I want you free with that penis of yours?

Bratty Bunny - Chastity Every Month
You know what women HAVE to do after sex right? Yes, we have to make sure we go number one. So I have a job for you. You are going to be my after sex cuck. My cuck toilet. You'll need to soak up all the number 1 and cum after I fuck my man. All that hot nectar and hot cum dripping down into your mouth. Make sure you open up SO wide. You can't miss a drop!

Bratty Bunny - After Sex Cuck
Dot it quick! When I say, you're going to jerk it it quickly, and then I'll count you down AND THEN YOU WILL RUIN IT FOR ME. If you want to have an orgasm, it's going to be a ruined one! I'm going to give you a very little timeframe to stroke for me, so you better be ready to ruin it when I say so!

Bratty Bunny - Quick! Ruin It!
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