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cum eating and cum play instruction clip, centered around playing with and eating a saved load.

First thing is first, cum shot in a glass.

 Cum shot - Eat - Repeat
I demand and you obey cum slut.

Part 3 Cum Slut Training - Show Time

Added: 12/7/18
I'm going to give you cum eating exercises. Training flexibility to get better aim and getting used to having loads of cum in your mouth.

 Cum Slut Training  Part 1

Added: 12/3/18
Maybe get you to do something a little naughtier or dirtier this time perhaps. I want to ramp up your Cum Slut Game!

Part 2 Cum Slut Training - Checking In

Added: 12/5/18
I give you a bunch of ways to really open up your body so you can suck your own dick.

Stretching with Bunny and Self Suck Instructions
I'm feeling like you need to show me what a cum slut you are. You need to follow my sexy body and my sweet voice into complete submission of eating your own cum.

Cum Eating Instruction
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