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You need to be trained. You need these sessions. You crave to be controlled by me. I will get you to be very submissive so you know you're place. Go ahead and follow my orders today. I will even let you have a release but it's not going to be very comfortable for you. You need to be fully trained for me, obey all my commands and rules.

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy Part 4
We're going to take things slow today. Nice and slow so you really take in that cum for me. Really appreciate being a cum slut for me. I'll guide you through being the best cum slut. The countdown will be very slow, then you'll eat it, but not swallow at first. Let me take you on a cum slut journey. Have you hold hold hold that cum. You need to taste it. Make it last.

Bratty Bunny - Slow CumSlut Training
You need continuous training as a slave. You need to strive to please me, to obey me, to follow me. Going to do everything I ask of you? Yes you will, with out any hesitation. Show me how submissive you are. Show me how weak you are. Show me what a good boy you can be.

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy Part 3
You need to continue our last session, since you seem to be a little on edge, huh? ;) You need to continue your training as a bitch boy slave for me. You need to obedience, you crave the commands from me. You will follow through will all instructions from me and you will beg for more. You'll be trained to be weak and submissive with no way out. It's where you belong, there's no better feeling than being under my control. Who owns you bitch? It's Bratty Bunny!

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy Part 2
You need to be trained. You need to follow direction no matter what it is. You need to be a good little bitch boy for me. Isn't that what you want? To be weak, submissive, and be trained to obey me? Yes it is. There's nothing better than following through with every command of mine, to be completely controlled by me is the ultimate place for you to be in. I'm going to give you many tasks to complete during this session and you will obey them all. Do everything I say, reprogram that silly little mind of yours. Be a good bitch boy for me.

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy
I'm here to trigger you, to set you off, to mind fuck you. Go ahead and let this clip trigger you into submission. To relapse-fantasy to my image, to my words. Give in to my power over you. BUNNY TRIGGER BUNNY TRIGGER BUNNY TRIGGER. Every time you see or hear 'Bunny', you will be triggered, you will be horny, you will have to touch yourself. Be careful with this clip. IT will trigger you when you are back to reality. ;)

Bratty Bunny - Bunny Trigger
I know you like it... to eat your own cum. Love the taste.... Maybe you don't but you will after this clip. I Encourage you into loving your own cum and eating it all down.

You Like Cum Eating
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