» » Bratty Bunny
I'm glad you came in today to see me. I want to go over a new technique to face your issues today. You've had so many Therapy-Fantasy sessions, we have to try something new. I'm going to overload you with sensations. Just relax and do everything I say. I know these legs and high heels are your weakness. You cannot help but just give in to whatever command I say. Grab a cup, you'll need it soon...

Crossed Leg And High Heel Therapy-Fantasy CEI
I'm going to be **** honest about your dick. I'm looking at your pictures. It's so small. If you were a real man, you could have a hot chick like me. You aren't one of those guys. Life is different for you. You have a clit-dick. It's so small it's a clit. I'm not going to be nice, but you get a nice sheer bodysuit to look at while I humiliate you into a little nothing. Worth it. SO much humiliation. You need to face it. Take it in. I'm being completely honest. I'll tell you what a real man is and does.

Brutal SPH - Ultra Tease - CEI
Get it leaky for me and lick it all up. Drop after drop, programming you to lick it all up for me. Little by little until the final moment. I make you do it, you don't have any other choice today.

Lick the Leak
Let's play round TWO! Get those dicks out. I'll continue Bunny's game that you love.

Bunny's Game Part 2 Let Me Control It
I walk in with a dominant attitude as usual. I instruct you to take off your clothes and get on your knees.

Cum Slut Training - CEI
Be my good cum eater!

Ruin It Cum Slut
we will end the session with you eating your own cum.

Yoga Session
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