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It's a tease and a trick! Are you up for a little JOI challenge? I know you are, you love to be tease by me and you also love to be denied by me. I'm a professional at it. You go ahead, and stroke. But there's a catch at the end. What do you think my trick is?

Bratty Bunny - Tease & Trick
Do it! Quick! When I say. Quick! Quick! Quick! EAT IT!!!

Bratty Bunny - QUICK EAT IT
You're going to listen to my instructions today. You will be under my control and when I command you, you will cum. Not just once, but twice. The first time to my feet and the second to my tits. I will also command you to eat it both times, in certain ways. You will be following all my rules. Obey Bratty Bunny.

What more do I have to say? You love slurping up that spunk of yours. You love hearing me encourage you to do it. You love being a little cum slut for me. Be a good boy and eat that cum, tell me you love it while you do it. Go ahead, show me what a excellent cum eater you are!

Bratty Bunny - You LOVE Cum Eating
I found a new fetish for you. My black shiny glossy sexy long latex gloves. They are so slick and liquid that you will get hooked and mesmerized by them. The sound of the latex move around on my hands and arms is so indulgently sexy. Stare at this latex and melt.

Bratty Bunny - Latex Gloves
You know that's you. A dumb and horny cumslut. A nasty little cum eater. You're so stupid and horny you'll do anything for me. So today, you're going to be a brainless little stroking cumslut for me... no different than any other day. You're so dumb and horny!

Bratty Bunny - Dumb And Horny CUMSLUT
You need to be trained. You need these sessions. You crave to be controlled by me. I will get you to be very submissive so you know you're place. Go ahead and follow my orders today. I will even let you have a release but it's not going to be very comfortable for you. You need to be fully trained for me, obey all my commands and rules.

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy Part 4
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