After a cum coutdown, you are going to shoot your nasty load on my feet and lick it off like a good cum puppy.

Poppers Foot Bitch Turns Into Ass Whore
Please decide if you allow me a ruined or a pleasurable orgasm and if I need to eat my cum up afterwards.

Get ready to entertain ME ! I am so bored and you will do ANYTHING to make me happy because you love to serve me!

 Interactive Humiliation Assignment! Entertain your Princess
Guess there's only one thing to entertain me with a small dick.... to eat that cum for me

Cannot Satisfy Me

Added: 8/3/18
Take it or leave it--if you decide you can't bear to cum like I command, you won't EVER cum again!

Tiny Dicks Can Only Cum Like This
There it goes...little tears of cum in your hand. Now do what she says. Lick it up, all of it. Do it!

Small Dick Therapy
we're going to start by making you rub one off and I'm going to instruct you how to eat every last drop.

Small Penis Punishment
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