I'm the head nurse at a sperm donation clinic and I walk into one of our rooms not noticing you're there at first. I profusely apologize, until I realize you're here to donate sperm.

London Lix - Sperm Clinic SPH And CEI
You've come to the hospital with a lot of pain in your balls, and a fake story about how you got it. I see right through you, but I decide to have a bit of fun with you. Once I see how small your cock is, I tell you that there is a secret cure.

Goddess Evelyn - Nurse Tricks You CBT
Oh, you poor little dicked cuckold boy you want to suck his nine inch cock, dont you? Its a perfect job for you. little dicked losers have a place you cant please anyone else but yourself with that little thing. I have guys with nice dick, I dont need yours but I do need a cuckold who is going to be my fluffer and cleanup slut. Come on, you know you want to!!

MissFreudianSlit - Convincing You To Be My Cuckold
"We've been friends for so long and honestly I'm surprised nothing has ever happened between us... I've always thought you were kinda cute. I don't know how to ask you so I just come out and say it - I want to mess around with you."

Hazel Simone - Dissapointing Your Crush SPH CEI
You've been complaining about your tiny dick for ages, it's been bothering you all your life, everything sucks because of shrimp dick, from day to night all you do is swallow in your pathetic bruised ego and pencil dick. You've tried everything, creams, growth serums, pressure pumps, but it;s absolutely pointless, you're so desperate for a cure or atleast a calm head that this is your only option!

Tsarina Baltic - SPH Regression CEI
Step-Mommy is dressed very sexy. She teases you sweetly about how small it is and tells you that you aren't a big enough boy to fuck her. You must keep jerking that tiny little dick and punishment for being so small is that you have to eat the cum.

PaintedRose - Gentle Step-Mommy JOI Countdown w/ SPH CEI
You're such a fucking perv. You spend hours upon hours jerking your disgusting cock to my perfect figure, especially in yoga pants or tiny workout shorts. The way the fabric hugs my tight ass makes you want to sink to your knees and give me everything doesn't it? Good.

Miss Nova - Cum Dumpster For Yoga Pants
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