-Clip is in german language- The good news first: You can jerk off your tiny tail for me today. Even until the end! Your task will be to catch everything in a shot glass. Every single drop of sperm. And so we come to the bad news: You will swallow the entire contents of the glass.

GypsyPage - You will SWALLOW CumEatingInstruction
My tiny little dick sissy should be locked in chastity since that thing is useless anyways! Today you're going to be a good girl and wear your sexiest pair of panties or whatever lingerie you prefer, so long as there's easy access to your asshole! That's right sissy...you're going to be a naughty little slut and fuck your ass with that dildo.

Anika Fall - Tiny Caged Sissy
Your Mommy is an escort and you hate it. You are rude to her and make her feel terrible for her choice of job. Today, just after a client leaves the house, you start being cheeky to her and she has decided she's had enough of your attitude. She gives you an ultimatum- you either pack your bags right now and leave and never come back OR you get your face in between her legs and suck that guys cum out of her and clean her up.

Sydney Harwin - Mom Makes You Eat Clients Cum
Do you think you deserve pussy? No, no, no- your dick is too small. Your tiny penis is not enough...you want it so bad. You want that sweet pussy. Not for you. A Queen deserves a real cock. A big, thick, powerful cock. Know your place, beta....

Queen Elastica - Beta Cuck Mind Fuck
A big, fat cock always gets your attention,
but when My hands are wrapped around it, and My delicious spit runs down that inviting dick, you simply can't help yourself.

Princess Cin - Losers Worship BIG Dicks - SPH
I am your doctor and you have come to me about being a shy virgin, I explain that I need to take you through some routine exams, I ask that you remove your clothes and I need to encourage you to do so, once I see your small penis I can tell that's what's holding you back from having sex, I stroke you to help you get as hard as possible then I need to measure it for my charts.

Korina Kova - Small Penis Doctor
Your therapy session begins now. You know you fail at being an Alpha and that you crave cock in those slutty holes of yours. Your little dick could never put anyone in their place. You need to begin your conversion. You are going to cum and feast on your own lust. I'm going to count you down from 10. It's going to be the greatest release once you finally give up the act. I'l be here to guide you.

TgirlOneGuy - Conversion Therapy
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