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You love fucking your own dirty ass all the time, the feeling of toys sliding in and out. Seeing what fits, what extreme you can go to. It feels so good when you hit your prostate bringing yourself to an amazing orgasm.

Ass Play Dirty Boy
I want you to jerk your boner while you get turned on by swallowing down your own frozen sperm.

Frozen Load
I could ruin your orgasm, make you eat your cum or maybe not even touch your dick at all.

JOI Slut

Added: 11/2/19
Encourage me to jam it ALL the way in if I want to see you up close again Then finally come back to close ups of your cleavage and ass and make me REALLY BEG loud to cum, then a countdown and force me to eat it.

Disgusting Old Perv
It's ok you don't have to be scared around me trust me I want you to eat your cum for me. No matter if you are an expert or a beginner at this you have questions don't you? Are you gay? What if people find out?

Ecouraging CEI
my idea is that I'm a sissy and your going to take me out to the club to find some cock. You tell me to get dressed up in some slutty lingerie, slutty dress, thigh highs and heals. After I'm all dressed you tell me how slutty i look and tell me how we are going to grind our asses on guys to get them hard and find the biggest cocks. You see that I'm getting hard and tell me we cant have that at the club so you have me jerk off while sucking a dildo.

Taking Sissy Out
Scared of eating your cum? Maybe you love eating your cum either way I want 3 loads saved for this very fun and interactive clip.. Turning you into my cum slut is what I do best.. So what are you waiting for cum guzzling bitch.

3 Loads Saved
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