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Scared of eating your cum? Maybe you love eating your cum either way I want 3 loads saved for this very fun and interactive clip.. Turning you into my cum slut is what I do best.. So what are you waiting for cum guzzling bitch.

3 Loads Saved
You keep jerking over and over just humping your hand and edging your balls. You can feel them fill up with your own loser cum. It's really sad isn't it that you have no where to put it, no one wants your cum it's almost a cruel joke isn't it?

No Where To Put It
Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do a jerk off instruction game for me with the stipulation that I have to guess the colour of your panties. if I guess wrong then I have to eat my cum make me jerk off from the start to finish tell me to speed up slow down things like that make me stop then start again.

Guess What Color

Request:Basically, i thought of an second part of your panty colour-guessing cum eating game "Guess what Color", plus a striptease.

Guess What Color part 2

Who wants to eat their cum for me today?

Eat Your Cum For My Ass Loser!
This clip is for you real cum sluts you the ones who are more than willing to clean it up.

Not For Beginners
Womens clothing sure can have a powerful effect on a man especially when that man tries them on.

Feeding Your Habit!
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