» » Curious Cristine
Ok, it's time for you to fondle your cock and release your cum. Hmm, what shall we do with the contents today?

POV Instruction On Facial
We tease you so seductivly with our tits and ass, an if you cum before we tell you to, there will be a problem. You will be forced to slurp your own sploog!

Game of Cum Eating Chance
Are you ready to make us two hotties laugh at you for doing all the pathetic nasty things we demand you to?

Amuse Us Jizz Jerks
We laugh at how pathetic it is, that it looks like it's your job to whack off. We give you a little advice on how to handle your cock, just to give you a different techinque to try out.

Double Advance Cum Eating Instruction
I force you to is more like it! Not only that but the end instruction, oh my god, lol, the yummy taste I hope your hungry for, I just can't wait! This is going to be a humiliating one, so your warned!

Very Humilating Cum Eating
If your so horny, then you will cum. And when your about to cum, guess what? Your going to aim that nastyness into his small mouth so he can eat his cum! You will do as I say!

Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum