Watch Cherry as She seduces you into eating your own cum, using her body, words and skill of story telling.

Misstress Liliya - Imagine I CEI
Did it cross your mind that I would turn you into an eager cum slut? That after the first time you swallowed your slave slime for me that it would be a reoccurring habit you would indulge in each and every time you orgasmed? I've turned you into my obedient cum eater and now you find yourself craving it, drooling at the thought of it. All it took was that first time and you were changed. Be a good boy for Goddess and swallow your load just as I instruct you to.

Mina Thorne - Always A Cum Eater
You've been referred to me, because you are seeking to overcome your addiction to femdom pornography. Seeking out the most degrading and humiliating porn has become a daily activity for you - worshipping online Mistresses rules your life.

What do you do when your cold and calculating, but utterly sexy boss says she's firing you? Does she know about those quick wanks you had at your desk? Does she know what you were watching as you beat one out, with her tight pussy in the back of your mind?

Eva de Vil - Save Your Job (Asshole Worship)
It's been a long time of no freedom. No touching, no stroking, no pussy. Absolutely nothing. You have become desperate and incredibly weak. The dry spell has gotten to you. Not only physically, but mentally. It's reached the point of desperation where you just need some sort of pleasure, which has guided you down new avenues. You often find yourself wondering what gay sex would be like.

Queen Carmella - Chastity Made You Gay
You're a creep. Your cock gets hard at everything and everyone. See a pretty lady? You compulsively need to jerk off when you see her.
You don't deserve my sexual attention, so today's a special treat for you. I'll let someone you masturbate to me today. Go ahead, you have my permission.
After all, I know you've been ready to do so ever since you saw me in my cute schoolgirl outfit. I bet you want a peek at my thong underneath, don't you? I bet you want to see my lacy black bra, huh?

Mistress An Li - JOI CEI: Creepy Jerkaholic
You need to be trained. You need these sessions. You crave to be controlled by me. I will get you to be very submissive so you know you're place. Go ahead and follow my orders today. I will even let you have a release but it's not going to be very comfortable for you. You need to be fully trained for me, obey all my commands and rules.

Bratty Bunny - Slave Training the Bitch Boy Part 4
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