When you blow that load you're going to drink it all down for me.

Edging for a Big Load CEI
you are always coming back for your fill. you just love eating your cum for Me.

You Love Eating Cum For Me

Added: 4/3/19
30 seconds for all horniness to subside, and feasting on your cum despite the lack of arousal:

Complete CEI Training Program Part 3

Added: 4/1/19
Aren't you, my little naughty boy? Meow. You're going to be my purrrfect little cum eater, aren't you?

Eat Your Cum For My Purrrfect Villainess Tits
Theres a good boy...everyone cleans their plate in my house!

Mates hot step mom CEI

Added: 3/11/19
At the end you add another twist by telling me that I have clean it all up or you will expose me.

JOI Game: Are You Getting All Worked Up?

Added: 3/28/19
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