Look at you! You made it! You've completed your seven day cumslut training series. You've come so far since we started, you were unsure, unconvinced, but here you are, a full blown, cum obsessed slut who is EAGER to swallow, you CRAVE to taste it. Certified cum freak. So let's make this the best of the our time together, and get on with building up that beta load for you to gobble down and lock in this weeks training fully. I highly recommend buying the previous six clips, as the training will only work efficiently when you buy the entire series in order.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 7
I always have treats for my cumsluts. I want you to go three days in a row eating your cum for Me. You're a cumdumpster and love it. Each clip will have a different way to eat your yummy cum.

Goddess Amanda - 3 Days Of CuMsumption
It's a tease and a trick! Are you up for a little JOI challenge? I know you are, you love to be tease by me and you also love to be denied by me. I'm a professional at it. You go ahead, and stroke. But there's a catch at the end. What do you think my trick is?

Bratty Bunny - Tease & Trick
I'm going to take control and train you up to be a good little cum slut for me. There are 6 stages to this training and at each stage I will make you go further and further for me.
Eventually, you'll get used to eating your own cum as a well-trained little cum slut.
You will follow my JOI throughout the clip until I tell you it's time to take it that step further!

Miss Alika White - Cum Slut Training: Final Stage
So, we've established a love triangle between you, your girlfriend and her best friend, who you're secretly fucking.
But don't forget that you're still MY puppet and I pull the strings.

Eva de Vil - Home Wrecking Tasks for a Cum Eater
How many times can you cum and eat it in a row? I wanna find out! I guide you with jerk off instructions, giving countdowns for you to cum. Can you make it all the way to the end? Can you keep going??

Jackie Jupiter - CEI Marathon
Background: You saw on Twitter that I’m on vacation in your city, but you had absolutely no idea that you would randomly bump into me. You recognize me at a bar and after a few drinks, you get the balls to talk to me. You tell me you’ve been a fan of my work for years and that you love to “play along” with my content. I playfully brush it off and tell you that it’s not a fantasy.

Goddess Jessica - Testing My Training
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