Get out your shot glass. Prepare to get fucked up for me.

Natashas Bedroom - Dumb D R U N K Drinking Game
You just received a sexy text message from your girlfriend in the other room. She tells you to walk into the bedroom, completely naked, with your hard cock in your hand. You find her laying on the bed naked as well, wearing nothing but a pair of your favorite high heels.

KandissKiss - Girlfriend Gives You JOI and CEI
I’m your idol, aren’t I sissy? You’ll do anything for me, and we both know how much you love when I degrade you. Put on your favorite pair of girly panties and get ready to rub that clitty for Princess! I’m going to make you cover those slutty panties in cum all for me!!

Emma Lux - Cum in your Panties
Chastity for 30 days? No, that's too easy. Chastity for every month. All of them, all the time. Catch my drift? Lock it up and throw away the key. It's time for you to commit, to give in fully. Why would I want you free with that penis of yours?

Bratty Bunny - Chastity Every Month
Hi there pervert. I know its been a while since you heard my voice giving you some cum eating instructions. You become so weak and desperate when you listen to me. Go ahead, take your pant off, pull your cock out. Have you missed pupming it for me dirty cum eating loser?

Miss Honey Barefeet - Cum eating loser!
I demand you to shine my latex catsuit and then let me tease you with my big shiny breasts as I give you your daily JOI followed by CEI! Be a good little cum drone for me and follow my Instructions !

IwantTerra - Latex glove JOI with big titty tease
Coucou - Ou sont passer mes fetichistes pieds - Voil- un JOI CEI special pieds

itsxlilix - Ou sont passer mes fetichistes pieds
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