Stroke your cock for me while we play with our nipples together :) Get yourself closer and closer and do exactly as I tell you, and we're going to try something special today after I give you a countdown until you cum in your hand. . . Have you ever tasted your own cum before?

Nipple Play And Cum Tasting JOI
I want you to make yourself your favorite coffee before starting the clip. Now it's time to sip your coffee and stroke for me. I look amazing in this outfit.. any pre-cum must be licked off your hands while you stroke. This is the perfect way to start your day.

Coffee and Cum CEI
Time to take another wild ride with CEI! You are going to make sure there isn’t a single drop missed as pre-cum oozes out of your cock the entire session. CEI, your favorite meal of the day, is one that you will never stop indulging on. I trained you to be a pre-cum eating, self facial, submissive good boy for me.

Pre Cum Eating & Facial Training - CEI JOI
Hai tanto amato Sborra in Nome di Satana, così Lucifero ha deciso di rimandarmi da te per ordinarti di masturbarti, sborrare e bere il tuo sperma in suo nome. Chi dice che all'inferno si sta male?

When I smile and tell you that you are My good boy your mind melts into your cock. When I tell you that I believe in you, that I KNOW you can do it you will DO IT. You WILL eat your cum for Me.

Positive Mental Attitude CEI
I've been talking about how I own every single one of your orgasms. I inspire so many of them that I've claimed ownership. Each and every single episode should be appreciated and treasured. I'm going to help you treasure the delicacy that I inspire and allow. Look upon my light, obey my directions, find a comfortable seat, and follow along.

Treasure Delicacy
Oops! Did I catch you jacking off? No, don't stop! It's really hot when you do it how I tell you, so play with your nips, look into my eyes, and cum all over yourself when the countdown gets to zero! You know what else I think is really hot? When you get some on your fingers and taste it :)

Cum On Yourself and Taste it JOI
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