It really is like magic, isn't it? Anytime you see me, you fall completely under my spell! Your cock gets rock hard and you're powerless to resist my demands.

ScarlettBelle - Like Magic
This is a personalized JOI video and I use the name Douglas occasionally. You can buy your own JOI through my store items!

PeachySkye - JOI, Denial and CEI
It's fair to say that Santa most definately CAME last night! In doing so, he left us both with a ginormous present! After hearing rumours about Santa's cock, I just had to wait up for him and find a pleasurable way to drain his baubles!

Ruby Onyx - Santa Dropped His Load!
I helped myself to a shopping trip with your credit card and I want to hear you beg me to show you what I bought. I know you're weak for shiny, thigh high boots. You're whimpers turn me on. I got these boots for my next hot date, not for you.

Bad Bella - Boot Worship CEI
Feeling horny? Would you like to jerk off right now? I have an idea! Do you have a Fleshlight? That's great. I'll tell you exactly what to do while you fuck the fleshlight and watch my pussy.

cat_on_show - Fuck the fleshlight like my pussy - JOI and CEI
I was thinking that you could have some cum for breakfast and you could eat it all up. That sounds so good doesn’t it? Yes, that does mean you get to cum. Start stroking for me before I change my mind…

Larah_Sky - Cum for Breakfast - CEI Cooking Instructions
Have you been working out lately? I can tell, it looks like your muscles are getting bigger... Buuut they could be bigger! Did you know you need 1 gram of protein per one pound of body weight?

Miss Malorie Switch - Got Protein?
She has an annual tradition, All Swallows Eve. Where she tries to make you cum in a certain amount of time if she does you eat your own cum. Nothing turns her on more than to watch a man jerk his cock in his hand until he busts and slurps it up.

LauraKing - All Swallows Eve Devilish CEI Game
From the moment we open our hotel room door you quickly realise you are in the presence of two incredibly powerful and demanding vixens! Put in your place within seconds, we tease and mock you from the off!

Ruby Onyx - Slave JOI
I am SO excited to watch you eat you own cum. I love older men too! I will tease you to help you get hard. You're so slutty! What if you came inside of me and sucked all your cum out after? Soooo good.

happylilcamgirl - Cum Eating Instructions
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