You don't think of yourself as an addict but you quite clearly are one: a CUM EATING addict!

You're so lucky to be in my presence rubbing your filthy cock.

Premature Ejaculation Humiliation

Added: 1/4/19
The title says it all, Beg for it. Beg to eat your own cum like the huge loser you are.

Beg For CEI

Added: 1/6/19
You're in for a special surprise where I want you to come this time.

Cum Eating Instruction
You know the inevitable is about to come (you saw the title), but it’s not so disgusting when it’s for Me, right?

Good Boys Eat Cum

Added: 2/7/19
This is your one big shot to fuck me, but if you can't pass my little challenge without busting too soon...

Premature Sissy

Added: 1/25/19
I'll make you eat your words and your cum too.

Tricking You Into Eating Your Cum
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