» » Princess Lyne
Before you start this clip, you better make sure you have saved up FIVE loads of cum and frozen them all into one big ice cube.

Frozen Cum Cube CEI
What do you think is more degrading: taking a facial or cumming in your own mouth? See, it’s really debatable..

Cum Slut Facial
Don’t even TRY and act like you don’t want to eat all your cum for Me. Hahaha… you do!

CEI Lover
Since it's your birthday I thought we should celebrate! I've got your FAVORITE little treat - an oatmeal creme pie - and it's got your name written all over it!!

Cuckold's birthday cookie
you LOVE when eat all your own cum for Me, don’t you?! It’s amazing just how addicted you are to eating your cum for Me. Hahaha…

Seduced into CEI for the Rest of your Life
I'll have you right where I want you, legs over head BEGGING to eat it for Me. Open up wide and get ready to swallow!

Beg to Eat it for Me, CEI Addict!
Being a cuckold, you gotta take what you can get, even if that means watching Me and My man fuck and then cleaning up his cum afterwards.

Cuckold Surprise Cleanup
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