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You look a little nervous¦ a little un-well actually. I think you need something specific today, not just your average jerk off instruction clip. I think you need your own personal remedy. That's it! I think you need to eat your own cum today! It's going to make you feel ALLLL better.

Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI
So many addicts watch My CEI clips, but don't actually follow through. But now I have the perfect plan.

Princess Lyne - 7 Day CEI Conditioning
I will coax you along for the remainder of the clip, helping you to realize that it’s totally normal to eat your own cum.

CEI for the Shy
I’ve decided to reward you with a VERY SPECIAL “date night” since you’ve been such a good slave lately.

Rewarded with a Pillow-Fuck
I lay out explicit instructions during this 30 minute session, and if this doesn’t work… well then, I think you’re just a lost cause!

Milking Clinic for Compulsive Masturbation Therapy
I love teasing you with My body and jerk off instructions…. all the while knowing that at the end you’re going to be eating that load ALL FOR ME.

Teased into Cum Eating
you just can’t stay away from My CEI clips, huh!? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s another clip that will help push you over the edge of FINALLY EATING YOUR CUM FOR ME.

Good Boys Eat it All for Me

Added: 5/8/19
Let Me give you a hint though… either way, you’ll get a TASTE of something straight from the source LOL.

Pink or Purple? JOI  CEI

Added: 3/1/19
Maybe if you get on your back and prop your legs up against the wall... LOL... maybe if you point that dick RIGHT at your face as I count you down, I MIGHT let you cum!

Begging for Tease & Denial  Part 4
It's time to REALLY show your ex gf that you'll do ANYTHING for her.

Ex girl friend cuckolding + CEI & CBT
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