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You know its too late for you right? You will always be this way! A gooning, pathetic, pussy free loser for life!

Goddess Tierra - Pussy Free Loser
My instructions teasing you all the way to the end. Its so easy to lick it all up for Me

Teased Into CEI
Everybody's doing it and since you wont be able to resist me in this sexy pink VS lingerie you will be doing it too! I'm about to make you into a cum guzzler!

Everybody's doing it
Follow my commands and follow my countdown till the very end and get your surprise! You will do it because you are a mindless jerking boy with my hot body in front of you! Stick out that tongue and get ready for a surprise jerk boy!

Jerk off Surprise
I also know another little thing you looooove so much, thats right I know you like drinking up your nasty man cum SO if you want to jerk it to my perfect tits your gonna lick it all up for me.

Lick it up for my tits!
You little cum eating addict. Since I first taught you how to eat your own cum, you can’t stop. You’re emailing me, tweeting me, begging me to instruct you again on how to eat your own cum.

Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level