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Your cock is hard and head spinning, I have you right where I want you. Listen up, you are going to cum on the floor and slurp it up for goddess.

Lindsey's BBC

Added: 7/18/18
Is it all of me that is driving a lust in you? Good, are you ready for a taste?

Taste Something For Me
Oh yeah make sure you're thirsty for your own cum too.

Lindseys Humiliation Tasks
Its time to play a humiliation game.

Dollar A Spin

Added: 4/18/18
Let me explain your reality again: Jerk off for my ass and eat your cum for me.

Sexy American Ass Manipulatio
Its been a while, having you been practicing to be my little whore? Can you finally take a dildo up your ass and down your throat? There is only one next step, cum ingestion.

My Cum Eater
This is the most EXTREME anal training clip I have ever made. Do not buy this if your holes are not ready. Do not buy this if you are not committed to training your asshole. Now that you have been warned, are you ready to perform for goddess?

Anal Training
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