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My semen sucker is back, this faggy just can not get enough. I do enjoy harassing him for being gay and loving the taste of cum.

Semen Sucker CEI

Added: 5/31/19
This training video is not for those cum eater who need to be horny to eat their cum.

Semen Sucker
My desperate cum eater is back for more training and this time he wants to be humiliated.

Legs Overhead CEI

Added: 5/28/19
You will stroke faster and slower at my command, sampling your dripping pre cum.

Save 5 Loads CEI

Added: 1/23/19
My wheel has a number of humiliating things on it.

The Bi Game
I want you to feel completely opened up, stretched and violated before I roll you over and put your legs over your head.

Your cock is hard and head spinning, I have you right where I want you. Listen up, you are going to cum on the floor and slurp it up for goddess.

Lindsey's BBC

Added: 7/18/18
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