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Its been a while, having you been practicing to be my little whore? Can you finally take a dildo up your ass and down your throat? There is only one next step, cum ingestion.

My Cum Eater
This is the most EXTREME anal training clip I have ever made. Do not buy this if your holes are not ready. Do not buy this if you are not committed to training your asshole. Now that you have been warned, are you ready to perform for goddess?

Anal Training
Here we are again my cock obsessed freak. Have you been practicing all the task I gave you? It truly is amazing how over time I have molded your sexuality into a man who obsessed over cock instead of pussy. It didn't take me very long or cost you a terrible amount of money to make this happen.

Cock Obsessed Freak
It is easy to eat your own cum, its yours. Yet to eat another mans cum, its something you yearn to experience.

CEI Conditioning Level 1
I see right through you, you're bi, but leaning towards men more than women. I know it won't take much to push you over the edge and make men your 100%.

The Perfect BBC Imprint
On your knees you beg to be humiliated. “Please let me jerk off.. all me names.. make me punish my dick.. make me eat my cum. Dehumanize me!”

Let it Cool

Added: 1/23/18
The rules haven't changed cucky. Even though I am single does not mean you've been released as my cuckold. Any man, stranger or friend is more an alpha than you. Do not ever forget this. No matter who I sleep with your mouth will always be the sperm dumpster.

Wait For His Cum
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