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You will stroke faster and slower at my command, sampling your dripping pre cum.

Save 5 Loads CEI

Added: 1/23/19
My wheel has a number of humiliating things on it.

The Bi Game
I want you to feel completely opened up, stretched and violated before I roll you over and put your legs over your head.

Your cock is hard and head spinning, I have you right where I want you. Listen up, you are going to cum on the floor and slurp it up for goddess.

Lindsey's BBC

Added: 7/18/18
Is it all of me that is driving a lust in you? Good, are you ready for a taste?

Taste Something For Me
Oh yeah make sure you're thirsty for your own cum too.

Lindseys Humiliation Tasks
Its time to play a humiliation game.

Dollar A Spin

Added: 4/18/18
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