» » Lindsey Leigh
You will kiss my toes while I slowly convince you to conform to my way of slurping cum out of your hand.

Cummy Cummerson
The cum eater Max and I missed each other on webcam yesterday so I felt it was only proper to send him this reminder.

Customized Cei - Max
Remember when you first came to see me, you were such a tight wad and now you want to eat your cum.

Blonde Bombshell
When you cum you will catch it in your hand, trickle it onto your face, wipe it into your face while licking it off your fingers.

Trickle It On Your Face
This is one of the most humiliating ways to be do CEI. I am going to spoon feed you you're load and you'll like every second of it.

Spoon Fed Your Cum
You have ingested enough pre cum to create a whole load.

Edged Into CEI By Stripper Heels
You'll sip your cum, like soup wont you?

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