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The rules haven't changed cucky. Even though I am single does not mean you've been released as my cuckold. Any man, stranger or friend is more an alpha than you. Do not ever forget this. No matter who I sleep with your mouth will always be the sperm dumpster.

Wait For His Cum
You look so thirsty? Are you? You look so pathetic, instead of fucking a tight hot pussy; sucking on a pair of titties; you'd rather slurp on a you're nice hot load. I do not know if there is anything more pathetic than that. Your addiction to cum is eating away at you and taking control. Do these nude fishnets and gold Louboutin heels turn you on? Your cock throbs looking at every single inch of me. Cumming to me is all you can think about. I have really created quiet the addiction to me haven't I? Oops.Look at me, how could you ever say no to me? Here is your new fetish, slurping down your hot semen or entertain me. It enlightens me to know that you will do anything to please me. Then when you finally do eat your cum, you look at me as though I should now respect you for following my request.

No Escape CEI

Hi you cum hungry losers. Do you have a nice big load ready for me to feed you? I bet you do. I want you to pump for me. I want you to jerk your dick so fast and hard you can not resist but to cum all over yourself.

Im actually really proud of how sadistic I was in this clip. The things I came up with for you to do to yourself, Im a genius! You will feel like a totally gross human being after this. Now lets begin physically and mentally destroying you.

CBT CEI Humiliation
I know you and I have been quiet the pair for a while. I have been your fantasy for as long as you can remember. My control over your cock and your excitement knowing were about to play make you weak.

Sensual CEI
Your girlfriend catches you on the way to the bathroom for your afternoon jerk. She stops you and suggests to spice things up in the bedroom. She tells you she would like to eat your cum but she is scared. What will it taste like? Will it make me sick? She asks question after question before suggesting you taste it. She tells you that you don't need to eat the whole load, just enough to tell her what it tastes like.

You Try It First

Custom Request: I want you to play the role of my evil step sister. You are gonna seduce me into letting you lock me up in a collar, handcuffs, and chastity device. Once you have done that you begin to inform me that you are gonna coerce me to eat other men's cum for you. if you could wear a body suit that would be awesome.

Evil Pimp Step Sister
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