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no wonder you're a virgin, you don't even stoke your dick right! ugh, virgin loser don't deserve sex, my feet is all you can jerkoff to. And if you want to cum? Then you will clean it up after, swallow it you cum slut!

Claudiahon - Bratty gitl giving virgin loser JOI
I LOVE virgins, they so easy to manipulate. I could wear the baggiest sweatpants and sweater and I could still have you wrapped around my finger. But, it's just so much more fun dressing seductively by wearing low cut tops, tight clothes and short skirts.

Goddess Aquaria - Pathetic Virgin Loser
The fact that gross virgins like you exist irks me so bad. It's like a personal insult, to know you're just out here, useless to women. It's an affront. Why are you like this? Why are you so useless and gross? I know how you can make it up to me.

Kendall Olsen - CEI Virgin JOI
Role play: I enjoy thinking about a life where I seduce your step-dad and ruin his marriage. I enjoy thinking about him being very wealthy - spoils me, cares for me, etc. In his huge mansion lives his virgin loser step-son (you).

Princess Anasia - Step-Mommy Cucks You
You come to a Witch's home asking for a potion to help you with your CEI urges. She agrees while teasing you about it. She will make you a potion that requires two simple things from you. A small cup and cum that she will enchant.

Miss Charlotte Elise - CEI Witch
Coming close to this pussy happens only in your wildest dreams, bitch boy. Getting near any pussy for that matter is not in the cards for you, so you stroke instead. On your knees beating that little worm for all its worth just to make me smile, the way I like it. Feeling hungry?

Luxury Syn - Virgin CEI
Welcome back beta bitch! you just can't get enough of me, can you? You love that I control and humiliate you so much, that you've eaten your cum for me... more than once, and now I'm going to make you to do it again!

Goddess Aquaria - Consume Your Virgin Cum
I just love playing with virgins. You’re so weak and so easy to manipulate. I could make you do anything. I flaunt my tits and ass and dirty talk and I can convince you to do anything. But really…do I need to flaunt my body to get you to do anything? You’re already so weak for me.

Goddess Venus - CEI For Virgins
Listen up, shrimp dick loser! This is as good as it gets for you. No illusions, just the cold reality. Your feeble mind weakens at the sound of my voice, the sight of pretty pink panties, barely covering my perfect pussy, makes you completely powerless to my commands.

Bunny - Panty Pumping Load Licking Loser
Kissless cum eating virgin loser!! Luckily you have girls like me to tease you and taunt you as you dribble your beta load and eat it which is exactly what we will be doing today.

Miss Jade - Eat Your Cum Virgin
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