» » Lexi Luxe - Beat It. Eat It. CEI

Lexi Luxe - Beat It. Eat It. CEI

Lexi Luxe - Beat It. Eat It. CEI
Lexi Luxe - Beat It. Eat It. CEI

Listen bitch, today is the day you are going to eat up, every last drop of your disgusting cum. I do not want to hear any excuse like 'Oh, I got nervous", 'I chickened out'. NO! absolutely no excuses are accepted here beta. You are going to jerk frantically to me, you are going to do as you're told and you're going to LOVE IT!!! Understand?! GOOD!!
Boot Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, Beta Humiliation, Beta Male Training, CEI, Cum Eating, Exposed Fantasy Play, Manipulatrix Fantasy, Masturbation Humiliation, Self Facial, Shiny Fetish, Verbal Humiliation,

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