Nothing feels better then stroking and jerking to every perfect inch of Me.

Jerk Off Seduction - CEI TOPLESS

you are always so weak and helpless and begging to be allowed to cum to Me.

Beg to cum on your own face (Facial)
I'm going to want you to suck it so much you get a nice warm wet load in your mouth. SO HOT! Do it for ME!

Suck your own cock, it turns ME on
Drop and giving you dick. That is how this training session is going to go. In your mouth, up you ass.

Porn Star Training-Forced-Bi-Facial
This video was a custom and is recorded in there parts and faded together

Bukkake Contest Winner
Miss Vikki and I are here to coach you through FINALLY eating your own cum for us.

Sensual Cum Eating Coaches Ft. Miss Vikki
3am wake up call, just so you are allowed to stroke? How does that feel...Knowing I'm that in charge of your cock. you will get up whenever, as long as I allow you to stroke to Me.

3am Stroke Call
I'm showing no mercy today. I know what you want to do. Your not going to be shy with Me today. Your going to work and jerk that cock and eat the cum up for Me, like the good little cum slut that you are.

Eat Your Cum Slut
MMM. I know you are already thinking ab out it. It's okay. Teacher won't tell anyone. You are already thinking about those balls filling with cum for Me. Look how hot I'm dressed, you can't resist anything I say right now. Looking at Me makes you so weak and mindless for Me. you want to do whatever I ask. whatever I say. Because it always feels SO good to listen to Me.

Sensual Mesmerizing CEI and JOE for Teacher