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you've been wanting me to train you to eat your cum for quite some time.

Seductive and Tricky CEI Training
I'm going to mesmerize, brainwash and convince you to eat your cum for Me. Tease you so well that you will want to do it for Me every day.

You Can do it (CEI) Training

Added: 3/16/18
oh to be My cuckold, to be the one sitting in the corner awaiting commands. come and live in the moment as I tell you what would happen when.

A Cuckolds Dream
I know what you need to do for me today. I know what you have been thinking about. Me of course! And the fact that you want to eat your cum for me...

Tis the season to eat your cum
Nothing feels better then stroking and jerking to every perfect inch of Me.

Jerk Off Seduction - CEI TOPLESS

you are always so weak and helpless and begging to be allowed to cum to Me.

Beg to cum on your own face (Facial)
I'm going to want you to suck it so much you get a nice warm wet load in your mouth. SO HOT! Do it for ME!

Suck your own cock, it turns ME on
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