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I tell you to imagine you're cumming all over M0m's sweet cunt to help you eat your own cum after you ejaculate.

Lick Mum's Pussy
Please make me fuck my own ass with a dildo and eat my own cum.

Sissy Cuckold Faggot
I know you want me to force you suck it, gag on it and take my hot cum deep in your slutty mouth...

Suck MY Cock
Cum Eating Instruction is also a part of it[

Sweater Fetish Interactive JOI/CEI
If you're into CUM EATING INSTRUCTION it is hinted at in the end when I simply instruct you to clean up your mess.

Sex Therapist Control You
You have many gay friends and you are going to give me to them for intense training to become the cock sucking load eating cum slut you always wanted me to be.

Turning You Into A Fag
3 of the baddest Dommes have joined up and today you're going to amuse us by slurping down your own cum.

3 Domme CEI
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