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How naughty, always on your knees now when in front of mammy, since your special relationship has developed. Considering the things she makes you do, it wouldn't really be appropriate for her to be doing anything but look down at you though, right? As this scene opens she tells you that she will be going out on a date shortly but before she goes she needs to use the washroom... and you're her toilet.

Mistress T - Stepmoms Toilet and Cum Eater
Mistress T knows what you like. She knows you think about her when you're fucking your wife. She knows you have all kinds of dirty title secrets that you keep hidden. Like your interest in FemDom. She knows you're also a pervert. You can't help sometimes sneaking a whiff of your wife's soiled panties or socks. You truly are a weak, disgusting little man, but you can't help yourself and there's no law against being a loser.

Mistress T - The Secrets You Hide from Your Wife
You can read, can't you? Suck-his-cum-out-of-my-asshole!

Suck His Cum Out Of My Asshole
I ruin his orgasm and immediately make him lick the few blobs of spunk

Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock
you are going to give me to them for intense training to become the cock sucking load eating cum slut you always wanted me to be.

Turning You Into A
..he's going to have to give himself a facial...cum on his own face and eat his own spunk!

Cum On Your Own Face 3
As part of her training she needs to learn to love the taste of cum ...

Sissy Cuckold and Stud
You'll have to eat that superior black cum at the end too!

BBC Love
I show him how awful it would be to be a by making him cum on his own face.

Cum Facial For Punishment
Includes lots of sensual teasing & cum eating at the end, at least eating what little has escaped after 3 disappointing ruined orgasms!

Triple Ruined
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