» » Princess Lexie
Maybe you've thought about eating your cum but you always chicken out...or maybe you've eaten your own load hundreds of times.

The Right Motivation CEI
I give you a cum countdown and prove that you're a loser again, by making you cum in your hand and eat it. I laugh and say I cant believe you're such a loser that you eat your own cum.

Cumming Over CEI
At the end show me how to cum in my face (legs over my head) and have me beg you to cum in my own face for you and eat it.

Legs Over Head CEI
I love the idea of all you little whores out there, slurping up your own jizz for Me, I think it's great!

Shut Up And Eat It
I want you to slide that plug up your slutty little hole. In and out, with each flash of My butt-you know I'm just going to be DESTROYING your fuck hole!

Teasing the Sissy
I've never used before in order to get you to swallow every last drop of your hot load.

Sexy CEI
I know you've been eating your own cum for awhile now. You're kinda addicted to it. So much so that you're a cum eating piggy, aren't you? You're a big fat cum eating pig, full of cum. LOL!

Oink, Jerk, And Eat It, You Stupid Cum Pig
The idea of eating your own cum has been fascinating you for quite some time now.

It's Easy CEI
3 minutes of Me teasing you in this shiny, teeny-tiny, red bikini will be all you need to completely blow your load.

3 Minute Cummer
You always say you're going to eat your own cum for Me. You jerk away at your cock with every intention of eating your own baby makers but then once you've blown your load you come up with some stupid excuse for why you can't do it.

No More Excuses CEI
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