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It's been far too long since you've swallowed your own cum for Me.

Hungry CEI

Added: 10/8/18
It's that time again: time for you to eat your own cum for Me like a good little slut. But I don't want you to think about it as gross or disgusting; today I want you to really savor it for Me.

Savor Your Spunk CEI
you're the worst kind of man, you know that? you appear okay from the outside; normal job, decent looking, good manners. Some girls may even be excited to go on a date with you. But there's one little problem: your dick.

Destined To Be A Cuck
Maybe you've thought about eating your cum but you always chicken out...or maybe you've eaten your own load hundreds of times.

The Right Motivation CEI
I give you a cum countdown and prove that you're a loser again, by making you cum in your hand and eat it. I laugh and say I cant believe you're such a loser that you eat your own cum.

Cumming Over CEI
At the end show me how to cum in my face (legs over my head) and have me beg you to cum in my own face for you and eat it.

Legs Over Head CEI
I love the idea of all you little whores out there, slurping up your own jizz for Me, I think it's great!

Shut Up And Eat It
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