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Then you want me to shoot my load up towards my open mouth after a countdown at your command and swallow.

Shoe Licker Cum Eater
That's right; all of My obedient little slaves swallow their cum for Me.

My Slaves Swallow
Hi, I would like a cum eating instruction clip to help me become a cumslut and enjoy my cum all the time.

Making You A True Cumslut

Added: 1/30/19
It's clear that you're not a real man; you're just a cum eating LOSER!

Every Last Drop
countdowns—but then you're going to cum in your hand and EAT it for Me like a good little virgin loser.

Virgin Loser CEI

Added: 1/6/19
It's been far too long since you've swallowed your own cum for Me.

Hungry CEI

Added: 10/8/18
It's that time again: time for you to eat your own cum for Me like a good little slut. But I don't want you to think about it as gross or disgusting; today I want you to really savor it for Me.

Savor Your Spunk CEI
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