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Shooting your OWN LOAD into your face! lololol

Lexie's Little Cum Slut
It’s not enough of a taboo anymore to just eat your OWN cum…you need to taste an alpha’s cum too.

CEI for Covert Faggots
Just 2 simple rules for you: you only get 5 minutes to cum and then you MUST EAT IT ALL.

Cum and Eat It In 5 Minutes

Added: 4/11/21
Do you know what time it is? That's rigghhhtt: It's CUM EATING TIME!

Cum Eating Time

Added: 3/11/21
But I have to be honest with you. I've really grown tired of you chickening out on it all the time.

No Excuses
You don't have a choice. I'm counting you down and you're gonna lick it ALL up for Me

Humiliating Tasks + CEI
...encouraging you in this sexy leopard print bodysuit is bound to send you over the edge and straight into certified cum eating land.

Sweet Instructions

Added: 12/7/20
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