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You don't have a choice. I'm counting you down and you're gonna lick it ALL up for Me

Humiliating Tasks + CEI
...encouraging you in this sexy leopard print bodysuit is bound to send you over the edge and straight into certified cum eating land.

Sweet Instructions

Added: 12/7/20
You absolutely love My CEI clips. But sometimes you struggle to go through with it at the end, right?

Swallow Your Sperm

Added: 2/12/20
I know you looove to swallow jizz for Me...so let's go the extra mile. First you need to collect 10 loads for Me like a good boy.

Overdose on CUM
You don't want to admit it, but you sometimes fantasize about swallowing your own jizz, don't you? lol...it's okay, you can be honest with Me. It makes sense, really.

For First Time Cum Eaters

Added: 12/5/19
Many of you have obsessed over My CEI clips and eating your own cum for Me.

Your Cum Tastes Good CEI

Added: 11/2/19
You so badly want to be a little cum eating slut for Me, don't you? The idea makes your cock SO fucking hard, you just can't stop thinking about how good it would feel to obey Me and swallow your own jizz.

CEI Starter Pack

Added: 4/9/19
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