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You're a boring husband and I need some excitement. I want to go out and fuck that hot black guy next door. You just can't satisfy me.

Cuckold - POV Interracial Cum Eating Instruction
I think it is so sexy when a guy can lick and suck his own cock, taking it deep into his mouth before blowing his creamy load down his own throat.

Cum Eating Instruction - Autofellatio
Simply masturbate at least once per day and ingest your semen. I know it sounds strange to eat your own semen, but I’ll guide you through the first session to make sure you’ve got the hang of it.

Cum Eating Instruction – Doctor Prescribes Daily Cum Eating
Now follow my lead, and let's take it slow… because if you finish too soon, I'm going to make you eat your own cum as punishment.

Jerk Off Instruction - Premature Ejaculation Training, CEI Humiliation
You've been saving your cum as instructed for the last thirty days and now it is all in your freezer.

Cum Eating Instruction - Masturbation Instruction
Jerk your dick until you cum - and squirt your load all over that dirty fucking ass.

Ass Licking - POV Jerk Off Instruction & Cum Eating Instruction
I want you to cum right into your cup for me. And if you resist it, I’ll just mix it into your smoothie and force you to drink it!

Cum Eating Instructions – Jerk Off Instructions, Birthday Smoothie Domination
So... why don’t you come on over here and lick all this cum off my pussy and clit while I tell you exactly how I fucked my date when I was cheating on you tonight.

Cuckold – Pussy Licking CEI
By jizzing on the crotch of my panties, and cleaning it up with your tongue!

Cum Eating Instruction – Cross Dressing, Panty Fetish Humiliation
I want you to finger fuck yourself as you stroke your cock. It’ll turn me on soo much to see you explore yourself down there. And don’t think about cumming until you stick those fingers deep in your mouth.

Cum Eating Instruction - Girlfriend Dirty Ass Fingering, Jerk off Instruction
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