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Today I'm combining several kinky elements of forced bi fun to give you that gay jerk off experience you crave!

A Little Forced Bi Fun
You know why I always want you to eat your own cum? Its sexy!

CEI is Sexy
My addict Nick has loves being a sissyboy for me and he's been fantasizing about slurping down his own cum like a little slut for a long time now but, he's never gone through with it!

Feminized Sissy Cum Slut
Show me how you'd tease my big white cock! I bet you'd love if I could cum inside your mouth too!

Suck Me Off
Dirty boys like you only deserve to jerk if you're going to clean up after.

Rene's Little Slut
You're having the most amazing, kinky dream about your hot sister, Rene. Its so intense, you've slept-walked into her room and are jerking at her bedside.

Brother's Fantasy
We've been neighbors for years and used to be friends growing up.

Advice From A Friendly Neighbor
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