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But, maybe I can find a way for him to get just a little taste of his fantasy today, while still denying his orgasm.

Justins JOI CEI
We'll allow you to get off but you're going to have to get creative!

Look Ma, No Hands
Who's hungry for some cum today? Yes? No? Either way, you ARE going to be eating that cum for your Princess today.

Sweet Sweet CEI

Added: 9/10/18
Whether you're an experienced cum eater or a CEI virgin, you've picked a hell of a hot clip today!

I Know Why You Love Cum Play Porn
The only way you deserve pleasure is by jerking yourself in a depraved way and by cleaning up your mess afterwards. Your dirty, toxic spooge, needs to be disposed of, and you're the perfect receptacle.

Milk Your Cock And Drink Your Milk
Take it or leave it--if you decide you can't bear to cum like I command, you won't EVER cum again!

Tiny Dicks Can Only Cum Like This
This clip goes out to all those males out there that think that it’s such a big fucking deal to eat your own cum. Are you kidding me?

It's Not That Bad CEI

Added: 5/18/18
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