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After catching you spying on Me I am pretty sure you'd do just about anything to cum... especially after the special little tease I give you.

Anything To Cum
What type of normal man fantasizes about eating his own cum? Do you think that’s normal? Do you think I find it sexy when you beg me to tease you into eating your own cum? That’s fucking disgusting! You want to slurp down your own jizz, that’s fucking filthy.

You Totally Disgust Me, You Filthy Cum Eating Fucking Fuck

Added: 3/31/18
You're such a faggot but you don't want to admit it. What are you scared of?

Poppers Faggot
A bubbling, warm, thick cum flow straight to your face from your own cock is a small price to pay for jerking in My presence. Now assume the position. Own cock to own face. Self facial.

Humiliating Self Facial
Blow your load. Save your loads. Fill a nice little cup full.

Loser Love Juice Facial