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Hungry? I can see the starved look on your stupid face. Well, I’ve got a little treat for you… or rather you’ll be the one giving yourself a treat. I know you love it when you, torment you, getting so horny and desperate to jerk your tiny shriveled up cock.

Ceara Lynch - Cum Faced Pig
You have a sad, lonely existence. Home alone again in front if your computer, edging yourself all night. It's no wonder youre a virgin. Everyone can see how pathetic you are. May as well give in and goon the night away.

Ceara Lynch - Virgin Gooner
Ft. Bratty Nikki Locktober isnt just a month, its a lifestyle. Get on your knees and beg to be locked up PERMANENTLY by Ceara and Nikki. You dont stand a chance looking up at these two gorgeous goddesses in their skin tight swim suits, dangling the key to your life from their perfectly manicured fingers. Denial never felt so good.

Ceara Lynch and Bratty Nikki - Permanent Chastity
I bet you imagine being the girl getting jizzed on, licking up that salty cum dripping from your eyelashes.

Cum On Your Face For Me
But being the penny-pinching, broke little bitch that you are, you decide to take the degrading cum slurping route.

I Win - Every Time
The only time I ll let you near my pussy is when youre sucking his load out of it.

Cuckold Roommate
I seduce you, instruct your jerking, and talk you into blasting your own creamy discharge all over your ugly face.

Cum on your face
Isn't this what you wanted, to be a hungry toilet slave with your lips wrapped around a stinky sweaty asshole, swallowing load after load of hot steamy s h 1 t?

Gag and Swallow
We'll allow you to get off but you're going to have to get creative!

Look Ma, No Hands
So what should we do with all that spunk ready to erupt? You’ll have to cum directly in your mouth.

Cum Choke Facial

Added: 1/30/18
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