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And once your orgasm is ruined I'm going to make you humiliate yourself further by swallowin it

I Love Ruining your Orgasm
To taste your slave slime, to feel it glide down your throat.

Slave Slime Eating Coercement
I know your a little nervous eating your cum for me for the very first time.

CEI Exposure Training
...if I let you cum today you're going to spray that slave slime all over your face!

Cum All Over your Face
Well if you want to cum it's going to cost your dignity and your ego.

Spout A Loser Fountain On Your Face

Added: 3/12/19
Repeatedly, you return to me lusting for the intense experience only I can provide.

Feed your Addiction
I want you to eat your own come right out of my hands after I collect it fresh from your hot, young cock!

Will You Eat Your Own Cum to Please Your Big-Breasted Auntie?
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