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you're going to cum in your hand, and then, without thinking, you're going to put it up to your mouth and slurp it all up like the good little cum dumpster that you're going to become for me.

Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl
If you were of sound mind and body you would never agree to the things I'm about to make you say or do, but that's not the case when you're kneeling before me is it?

The Devil Made Me Do It
Already dripping in anticipation you'll agree to any humiliating task.

Glaze your Face
And once your orgasm is ruined I'm going to make you humiliate yourself further by swallowin it

I Love Ruining your Orgasm
To taste your slave slime, to feel it glide down your throat.

Slave Slime Eating Coercement
I know your a little nervous eating your cum for me for the very first time.

CEI Exposure Training
...if I let you cum today you're going to spray that slave slime all over your face!

Cum All Over your Face
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