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Let's see if you can last through this edging challenge today. How long you can stay right on the edge of cumming without losing control. I'll be pushing your limits, and it won't be long before I hear you begging for me to allow you to cum.

Mina Thorne - Nearly There Edging Challenge
Like most beta losers, you were born this way. That means being a pathetic bitch is weaved throughout your DNA. Nothing you can do about it except embrace it and follow your calling. Of course you're drawn to me, betas are drawn to a superior Goddess.

Mina Thorne - A Natural Born Loser
I know you can't help yourself, in my presence you become utterly weak, driven by your own heightened arousal to fall to your knees and stroke. Relish every moment in my presence, regardless of the outcome.

Mina Thorne - Impending Ruin
Did it cross your mind that I would turn you into an eager cum slut? That after the first time you swallowed your slave slime for me that it would be a reoccurring habit you would indulge in each and every time you orgasmed? I've turned you into my obedient cum eater and now you find yourself craving it, drooling at the thought of it. All it took was that first time and you were changed. Be a good boy for Goddess and swallow your load just as I instruct you to.

Mina Thorne - Always A Cum Eater
you're going to cum in your hand, and then, without thinking, you're going to put it up to your mouth and slurp it all up like the good little cum dumpster that you're going to become for me.

Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl
If you were of sound mind and body you would never agree to the things I'm about to make you say or do, but that's not the case when you're kneeling before me is it?

The Devil Made Me Do It
Already dripping in anticipation you'll agree to any humiliating task.

Glaze your Face
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