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Messy cumsluts, are the best cumsluts! Everyone knows that. And let's be so fucking for real... All of this CEI training is for a greater purpose. One of these days, you're going to take someone else's load, and you don't want to embarrass yourself!

AdrienneLuxe - Slurp Slut CEI
The time has come my eager little cock sucking slut! Now that you've practiced your sucking technique with your fingers, you get to graduate to the next level - a small dildo!

Goddess Ally Etana - Cock Sucking Training Program - Course 2
Finally decided to embrace your gay side but not sure where to start? This beginner cock sucking task will get you used to sucking on something that isn't quite a dildo yet - your fingers!

Goddess Ally Etana - Cock Sucking Training Program - Course 1
I'm always telling you to cum for cock. But this time I am telling you to NOT CUM FOR COCK. Because well all know that you lose a bit of your hornyness for cock when you empty your balls entirely. This time I want you to build it up.

Goddess of Destruction - Don't Cum For Cock, Faggot
Years of sexual failure have led you here: to serving, worshipping, cuckolding, and humiliation. I’ve made you do so many depraved and disgusting things, but it’s time to make you reach a new peak… you’re going to swallow my alpha man’s load, and you’re going to love it. I don’t care if you want to or not, either way, you’re going to eat his cum, faggot.

Goddess Alessa - Eat His Load
These lessons haven't gotten easier, but your desire to be my cocksucker has grown. You have to be obedient and dedicated if you want to be my sissy cum slut.

Bad Bella - Sissy Training: Keep Sucking
I’ve had a new idea for a way to make you suck cock, and you won’t be able to stop until I let you. Cock will be filling your mouth for longer than the length of this clip. In fact this clip is just setting you up for your gay brain washing task.

Miss Alika White - Mystery Gay Task
Time for some clean up practice.

Miss Alika White - CEI for Sissy Girls
Another 33 minute clip to help you settle in and accept what's happening to you. I make you dive deeper and deeper into your attraction for COCK. So deep that you start to feel real joy and excitement. So much joy that you will start to taste it yourself.

Goddess of Destruction - I'm Gonna Make You Gay Taste The Rainbow
Bi-curious is how it starts, but you’ve gone much further than just curious about cocks. You’re getting gayer by the day. If you’re confused about how you ended up here, I’ll explain exactly how someone like you became gay by watching porn. You aren’t straight.

Goddess Nikki Kit - Bi Curious but Getting Gayer (Make Me Bi)
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