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Follow my instructions all the way, and do exactly what i say.

Sunday is your fun day. Sunday is the day you get to drink your weekly wank profit for me.

Monday to Sunday
I have a little treat for all you dirty cum eating faggots out there. For starters, lets get that little dick of yours nice and hard shall we... You'll need a condom ready for this cum eating exercise.

Interactive Cum Lolly For Faggot
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Princess Brook - Don't fight it just eat it
The art of self sucking is difficult to learn, it requires flexibility and perseverance. So its time to get practicing!

Learn to self suck
I've found a new lover, your little dick just isn't satisfying me and I'm bored. But don't worry, I still want to keep you in my life.

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You enjoyed my last clip that i instructed you to wank upside down with your dick pointed at your mouth didn't you, well i've got a better idea for this one, but your gona have to bend that back even more, and get that little dick pointed right at your mouth, so that when you cum you don't waste a drop.

A mouth full of hot cum
So your a dirty little cum eater, and its no secret between us. Im gona show you how to do it properly! Get you back against the wall and point your cock against your mouth, now wank it hard and listen to my instruction.

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