» » Goddess Paige
The moment I laid eyes on you, I recognized you for what you are. A virgin. A stupid, desperate, pathetic little virgin. Women everywhere just recognize your inferiority, shunning your touch. You’ve never known the touch of a woman’s pussy, rejected at every turn. A little beta bitch! You’d better get used to rejection, pet. Because you’re going to be a virgin forever.

Paige Orion - The Curse Of The Eternal Virgin
You pets know how much I love to play games - teasing and tormenting you sluts is one of My favorite past times. So here is a game made especially for My bitchboys, those of you who have been training so hard to suck cock and savor the taste of cum.

Goddess Paige Orion - Cum Play With Me
Tonight, you're going to eat your cum for Me. It'll be a real Christmas miracle! You won't be able to stop yourself, not with Me pulling your strings. My beautiful brat body, clad in sexy, lacy lingerie, will have your cock hard and aching. My voice, so sweet and powerful, will guide you through every stroke. With your hand wrapped around your cock and My beauty before you, you are going to stroke yourself stupid.

Goddess Paige Orion - A Christmas Miracle: Your First Time CEI
You wanted to serve Me, begged to be made useful. Begged to please Me. But you're nothing to Me. Nothing but an inferior little bitchboy. And if you want to Serve... There's only one way to do so. You're going to be My breeding bitch from now on.

Goddess Paige Orion - Breeding Bitch
You don't want to be My good little cumslut, but you are going to be. We're going to start now.

Good Little Cumslut
You see... One of my biggest turn-ons is watching men eat their own cum, licking up every savory, pearly drop. Watching a man lick up his own cream...

Eat Your Cum For Me
You've been ordered to eat your own cum before, but the idea repels just as much as it attracts you. You want to obey your Goddess' demands, but you can't imagine enjoying the experience of eating cum.

You Need Cum