» » Princess Lisa Jordan
For once you don't need my convincing…you have grown to actually love the taste of your own filth!

Cum eating slut
If theres one thing I know about whores its that they love swallowing that yummy white gooeyyy stuff!!

Yum yum eat your cum
You will need 5 loads of previous cum for this session.

5 Loader
Am I really going to eat my cum for Princess Lisa? Yes! Yes you are you dirty slut!!

CEI challenge
You will need a glass with a shot of and 3 previous loads saved up. Your horny dick is cumming twice today!

Cum Cocktail
I want you on your back with your legs up, mouth opened wide and tongue out ready to catch any pre-cum and of course all the rest of your cum!

I will allow you to continue to jerk off as much as you'd like.

A new orgasm routine
You will need to save up 5 loads of cum, which you will pour into your mouth and leave there the entire time.

Lisa Jordan - Cum eating challenge
I am going to allow you to jerk it for me today but under 1 condition…you eat all the cum out of the condom.

Condom cum slurp
Lets play some baseball today!!! Your face is going to be the catheters mit!

Facial Cum Catcher
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