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You push your thumbs under my chin, slowly and moving them back and down my throat as you me to swallow the condom.

Biggest Loser Beat Down
Good boy! You want to cum for your good behavior!? You have to promise to be good and obey me. Here come on these panties... now you have to clean up those panties with your mouth.

Learn to RESPECT Women
At the end you will tell me to cum in her mouth and then tell Jen to kiss me, feeding me all my own cum

Empowering your wife
You are only allowed to talk to my pussy, thank it for all the cum you get to enjoy.

Cum Cuckold
Stroke that dick to thought of eating your own cum

You Crave Cum As Much As You Crave Cock, Faggot
Tell me why you want to eat your cum? its because you want to please and impress me? feel some worth? that its been a long time if any time since you had real sex?

CEI training
You make me smoke and masturbate with the dildo in my ass. You laugh and make me cum in a glass. Then you put your cigarette out I it and make me drink it all up with the butt and ashes.

Sex Slave Training Smoking mind Fuck Domination with Mandy Flores
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