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You get to lick up another mans seed off of My thong because it's the closest you'll ever get to fucking Me. I hope you're hungry!

Treat For My Cuckold in Chastity
Now that We're letting you jerk off, We're going to let you cum. All you have to do is eat it!

 Office Domination CEI
You'll do anything to worship Me in these green yoga pants. You'll even happily slurp down your own spunk!

Yoga Pants CEI

Added: 7/8/18
The title gives it all away. You are going to jerk for Me, ruin your orgasm, and then E4T IT! Hahaha you are so pathetic, I know you'll do it. You do whatever I say because you're a weak, horny little BITCH.

Ruin It and E4t It
I can tell how much you like My bikini. You're already getting hard just after a few seconds of looking and you're so ready to rub one out. But not yet, you have to agree to do something for Me first.

Bikini Motivation CEI

Added: 5/11/18
Can you believe I'm wearing this mouthwatering little slingshot bikini?? Yeah I can't either. It's WAY more than you losers deserve. Since I'm being SOOO kind as to show this much skin, you are going to do something for Me in return.

Slingshot Bikini CEI
Hey shiny lover. Today you are going to eat your cum for Me in this rainbow, shiny bikini.

Taste the Rainbow - Shiny Bikini CEI
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