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Hey shiny lover. Today you are going to eat your cum for Me in this rainbow, shiny bikini.

Taste the Rainbow - Shiny Bikini CEI
You are going to be a good loser and do something, simply for My amusement. You are going to e4t your shameful little load. But don't worry about that get. Pull your dick out and start jerking it. Let your cock and mind become mesmerized by My sensual body. Stroke and do as I say. I make it so easy to be relaxed and turned on. You barely even realize what's happening until your face is covered in cum. You're welcome, beta bitch!

Eat Your Shame
You dirty cum eating whore! You've eaten so many loads that you're actually starting to get bored with your cum. You've given yourself countless facials, slurped it off your desk, and drank it out of a cup numerous times but still, you are aching for something more!

Cum Omelette CEI

Custom clip from Alex - Can you please make a 30 minute cbt instruction clip where you have me really hurt my balls.

30 Minute CBT Custom

Exactly what it sounds like - worship and jerk as you give thanks for My existence, then slurp up your loser load.

Give Thanks for Your Princess - Thanksgiving CEI
The storyline is that I am under the impression you are inviting me in to have sex with you which turns out to be very far from the truth.

Cuckolded Cleanup Bitch
Today I want you to jerk your dick for Me and cum on command - ALL OVER YOUR FACE!

Self Facial for Princess
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