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you love eating your cum for Us! In fact, you love it so much you will beg your little heart out for it.

CEI For Our Tiny Bikinis
It's time to be a good little cum e4ter for your Princess again!

Hide the Evidence CEI

Added: 3/6/20
Tell me that's why I am going to get a messy fucking gay facial at the end

Cocksucker for My Ass
Are you a good boy for your Princess? Are you SURE?...Because good boys ALWAYS swallow all their cum for Me!

Good Boys Always Swallow
Hope you saved room for a late-night snack!

Late Night CEI

Added: 2/22/19
We're so sick of guys just eating their cum for us - BORING!

Special CEI - Snort Your Cum for Us
Custom for Will, a virgin closet fag who fantasizes about sucking cock and eating cum.

Practice Sucking Dick for Princess
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