» » Goddess Kim Kay
I think you need a nice humiliating task and whats better than eating your own cum??

Self Shooting
Will you be able to hold out to the end or will you humiliate yourself and splooge like a worthless loser?

Multiple edges
Its your daily protein call! And its so sweet of me to make time for you before I go about my day.

Cum Swallower
You are the epitome of a chronic masturbator and for that reason alone you will be emptying your load in your mouth!

Garbage Disposal
Listen up, from now on if you want to release, you will be doing it in your mouth. I want you to lay on your back and repeat after me, "I will only cum if I clean up my mess" good boy!

Mindfucked Into Eating Your Cum
I am going to let you stroke to me today and in return you are going to do something for me. In the past you have chickened out…but today is going to be different!

Eat Your Own Cum
Lie on your back with your ass in the air and I want you to jerk off and come right in your mouth.

Forced To Eat Your Cum
Its that time of day! And once again here you are with your dick in hand ready to wank to me. Im so fucking hot I bet I could make you do anything I say even if that requires you squirting your jizz all over your face for me :)

Milky Facial