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It bothers me so much that my Puddin' won't kiss me after a BJ! What's the big deal anyway? He tastes like laughy-taffy! I'd love to give someone a taste of their own medicine, and that's where YOU, my hostage, comes in! I'm going to untie your hand so you can jerk off and eat your own spunk!!

You have 30 days of spunk saved up? Your genes are tainted, so you need to keep them to yourself. I'm going to have you dispose of ALL that worthless sperm.

You're a slut but do you think you have what it takes to be a porn star taking load of load after cum in your face?? It's not just about cumming or the size of your load. You need to make sure you can get it into your mouth and SWALLOW it.

I know you’ve already got your hard little dick out. I see it. It’s stiff but it’s definitely not hanging, is it? No, your little dick is pathetically small. I couldn’t do anything with that thing, but you can. You can jerk your little pecker, it’s the only thing you can do with it really. A cock that can’t please a woman is so fucking useless.Your little dick won’t ever even be sucked. No girl wants to suck a little penis.

No One But You Will Ever Touch That Little Penis Or Eat Your Cum
You get so horny thinking about cum eating, don’t you? You think about it a lot. You love eating your cum, you take it into your mouth and you swallow it right down. But today I don’t want you swallowing it down, not right away. You’re going to savor the taste, you’re going to hold it in your mouth. You’re going to taste it and it’s going to taste so good, isn’t it? Well maybe not, but you are going to do it for me.

Don’t You Dare Swallow It My Cum Guzzling Slut
So you want to be my ultimate cum eater?

Daniel, make sure you're well stocked with before you start this video.

Edge with Poppers for me Daniel
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