» » Princess Fierce
Eat your faggot food.

Faggot Food
You will cum in one way from here on out cum slut. When your thirsty and desperate to jerk your cock, your balls will fill big and unload into your mouth.

Open Wide CEI
Get the largest banana you can find. Having a condom is highly recommended. I have some instructions for you to create a perfect moist Fierce pussy.

Bananas Fiercer
Sit there and let me verbally destroy you to get your dick's attention.

Sugarcoat Yourself Bitch
Swallow like a fag.

Swallow Fag
Hey you, yes I am talking to you horny boy. I know you want to jack off to me. I know you are helpless when looking at me. It's ok. I'm going to reward you.

Gorge On Cum Shots
I am setting the FIERCE foundation of your chronic masturbation.

Foundation of Your Chronic Masturbation
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