» » Princess Fierce
I'm feeling extra generous today, so once you're through beating it, i'll make you eat it all up!

Beat It Eat It CEI
I want you naked standing in front of me. Remove all your clothes and expose yourself to me.

Frost Yourself
Take a moment to observe my beauty and curvaceous body in my lingerie. Gaze upon my thigh high stockings and Louboutin heels. As you begin to drool recognized what I am about to turn you into - a cum covered slut.

Self Service Facial
Encourage me to devour my load for you mistress. make me edge to your perfect tits and wet pussy.

Devouring Your Mess
Before I suck your dick I want you to do something for me first. I want for you to sample your own cum.

Before I Suck Your Dick
You will finally do it. You will finally lick it up. This is exactly what you will be doing today.

Finally Gonna Be A Cum Slut
My pussy will only be excited by watching you lick up your mess.

Sensual CEI & Cum Eating Encouragement
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