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You want to rub, tug, and beat off till your balls explode. My ass, tits, and face have you trapped. You're a hand pumping fuckboy and craving a release.

Princess Fierce - Committed Cum Eater
You're going to cum. Can you last until the timer hits 5? I highly doubt it. My sexy arrogant tease mixed with an 8 bit beat will surely make you go directly into gooner stroker mode. As trigger words light up your screen you will be teased for not being able to handle me and cumming like a 2 pump chump.

Princess Fierce - Gooner Splooger
This clip contains element of financial domination, findom, money fetish, greedy goddess, greedy princess, money goddess, money slavery, bratty, mind fuck, Mermerize fantasy, paypiggy, sub training.

Princess Fierce - Bratty Findom Stimulation
You'll flip your legs over your head as I count you down to your tasty creamy dick dip treat.

Hot Creamy Dick Dip
You're going to be my good boy today and lick your precum for me.

PreCUM Licking good boy
Get ready to unload that sticky icky mess into your mouth for me.

CEI: Sticky Icky Mess
Jizz in your hand...and i'll make you lick it up.

 Bustin' Quick Pantyhose CEI
Soon you will find yourself with directions to eat your cum.

Jizzy Fingers
Fap away until I make you spit out your gay boy jizz and lick it up like my good little whore.

Fierce's Faggot Slave

Added: 8/6/19
This clip contains elements of cum eating instructions, financial domination, CEI, cum eating, domination, femdom pov, findom, money slavery, tit worship, goddess worship, cum countdown, countdown.

Princess Fierce - PAY to EAT your CUM
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