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You're good for two things loser - paying me and eating your jizz. I am going to leash a verbal attack on how pathetic your stroking habits are. Watch how easy it is for me to control you. I'll make you taste your precum then I'm going to make you ejaculate into your palm and lick it up.

Cum Crazed Loser
Bill is on the phone begging for me to record his loser phone call! I record him telling me how badly he wants to jerk it to me. I inform him he sounds like a real winner He tells me about how much he loves watching my cum eating videos.

The Cum Eating Caller

When you are jacking off to me it almost makes you feel like you are straight. Just because you masturbate to me doesn't make you into women. In fact the only thing that turns you on is talking about your faggot ways. I'm gonna make you stroke hard, tight, and fast each time I say the word FAGGOT. Soon your balls are aching and you're begging me to eat your faggot treat.

I'm a Faggot & I Eat My Cum

Clitty Rubbing Sissy Fag CEI

Clitty Rubbing Sissy Fag CEI
You're going to do something for my today. I want your weakness overtaking you. Don't deny your urges to slurp your cum.

Unload Your Cum in Your Mouth CEI
Let's make a deal. I will show you my tits after you flip your legs over your head and jizz into your mouth. I know you will need some encouragement to swallow it down...and my tits will do just that addict!

See My Tits While You Swallow

When your dick is in your hand you cannot think straight. As you begin pumping to me you soon find out you will be slurping your mess up for my bikini body. Soon you will find yourself stroking hard and face. You will agree to my terms. You will cum in your palm and smash it into your lips and swirl your tongue around in your mess.

CEI: Finger Lickin' Good
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