You need to be saved, to save yourself from the urges, the deep seeded perversions in your soul. Unfortunately, all you find in your search for redemption and repentance for all your perversion is more sin, revoke your love of god, your loyalty to him, this demoness will seduce your soul out of you, making you idulge in the most tainted jerk off session yet, you'll be serving and worshipping Satan from now on, in fact you'll swallow for Lord Satan.

Tsarina Baltic - Cum And Swallow For Satan
I'm the head nurse at a sperm donation clinic and I walk into one of our rooms not noticing you're there at first. I profusely apologize, until I realize you're here to donate sperm.

London Lix - Sperm Clinic SPH And CEI
You just received a sexy text message from your girlfriend in the other room. She tells you to walk into the bedroom, completely naked, with your hard cock in your hand. You find her laying on the bed naked as well, wearing nothing but a pair of your favorite high heels.

KandissKiss - Girlfriend Gives You JOI and CEI
You've come to the hospital with a lot of pain in your balls, and a fake story about how you got it. I see right through you, but I decide to have a bit of fun with you. Once I see how small your cock is, I tell you that there is a secret cure.

Goddess Evelyn - Nurse Tricks You CBT
Hi there pervert. I know its been a while since you heard my voice giving you some cum eating instructions. You become so weak and desperate when you listen to me. Go ahead, take your pant off, pull your cock out. Have you missed pupming it for me dirty cum eating loser?

Miss Honey Barefeet - Cum eating loser!
Why should you get the privilege of cumming without consequence? You shouldn’t. No, that’s for real men. So when you cum, I’m going to make you eat it to remind you of your place.

Miss Alika White - New CEI Rules
You're a cute guy who comes into the coffee shop all the time. When I saw the big bulge in your pants, I thought you were just another dumb jock, but when you were very quiet, polite and submissive, I decided to test your obedient qualities. I put a note with your coffee telling you to go in the bathroom, cum in it and then it while you sit where I can see you.

Matriarch Malice - Duo Cum Drain For CEI
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