You are an unrepentant lustful sinner.

 Cum and Be DAMNED |

... having you suck on my big step-daddy cock until you gag, and even introducing you to eating your own cum, I’m going to turn you into a COCK LOVING SUBBY!!!!

You'll Be Gay For Me: Intro to Coerced Bi
You’re sure to make a mess of that drooling cock. I’ll let you clean it up!

Feet Frustration
...fap your own pathetic excuse for a penis, and clean up all of the mess...

Your Wife Found a Cock Worth Sucking
Huge ropes of cum in slow motion splatter my boots!

5 days edged. Huge cumshot on leather boots
Miss conducts a quick cum countdown, timing her final orgasm to her sissy licking up their load.

Sissy Degrading Instructions

Drop your guard down, and listen very carefully to everything I am about to teach you.

My Weekend Faggot Experiment
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