It's your first time and you're feeling brave, but need a bit of encouragement.

Edging Looping Condom
I then instruct you to cum and eat yours!

Each time you take off 1 piece of clothing, I have to slurp up the contents of the cup.

CEI Metronome Challenge
Thirsty for Humiliation Tasks

Thirsty for Humiliation Tasks
constantly begging me "Lissie please let me suck some cock" "Lissie please make me your cumslut..... Lissie please"

Take his cum
Dirty feet... A used condom...

Open Up
If you want to keep having sex with me, you’ll have to use a condom, and if you don’t want to do that, then you’ll have to eat it. Not my pussy. Your load.

Only If You Eat It

Added: 3/26/21
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