you know how you always talk about wanting to eat your own cum after jerking that dick of yours to me, but then you chicken out last minute? well, this time, IT'S GOING TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

Tasty Cum Guzzler
I told him to cum in my pussy again and again so that my husband could eat three loads of jizz out of my pussy.

Cuckold Cleanup
I deserve to be fucked and you deserve to clean up after. It’s the only thing you’re good for.

Cucked at a Sex Party
Oh and don't complain about the outfits he makes you wear or licking his tires clean when he gets home every day.

Pimped Out And Forgotten
let me tell you how I like you to jerk and you will eat your cum

BBW JOI with CEI you fuck your ass
Fap away until I make you spit out your gay boy jizz and lick it up like my good little whore.

Fierce's Faggot Slave

Added: 8/6/19
You're going to aim it right at your own face, right into your mouth, so you can't stop it.

CEI and JOI Fun
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