I challenge you to play along. If you cum, skip to the end of this video for your punishment!!!!

Don't Cum Or You Will Be Punished
You may have experimented with eating your own cum before, but now it's time to raise the stakes.

JOI to CEI - Shoot it & shot it
So cum, get off to your new fate, get off as you think about my pussy being pounded by huge cocks while you just fap in the corner waiting for his load, right in your mouth.

Useless Little Dick Cuck Fag
Once I am naked I will allow you to cum but only if you eat your own cum and you will.

Intox: strip tease game
It's time to be a good little cum e4ter for your Princess again!

Hide the Evidence CEI

Added: 3/6/20
I know how badly you want to taste my sweat, and I know how much you want to resist eating your cum.

Sweat and CEI Lover
I've got many, many obscene tasks awaiting you... for your immense humiliation, for your complete breakdown to the most basic, primal, dirty that you are.

Your Most Humiliating Cum Eating Instruction EVER
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