Don't cum till we tell you to...and get that dish ready cause when you're gonna eat it!

Learning To Eat Cum
If you want to be a cum-slut so bad, sissy, now's your chance!

Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial
What's the matter, my little slut? Are those balls of yours aching for release?

Cum Eating Humiliation Games
You've done it again, you little bastard! You've been peeping on your sister in the shower again! I've had it up to here with your perverted antics.

Mom Makes You Eat Cum In Front Of Sister
What's this I hear about you refusing your man-milk bottles? One of my nannies told me you slapped it out of her hand this after noon.

Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby
Well, if you wanted it so badly, eat it up. That's right, dear, in this household, our motto is "waste not, want not." So lick up every drop of your semen, cum-whore. Eat it like a good cum dumpster.

Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row
Cum into the container you have set aside for this load. You don't get to eat this one right away.

Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 3 - Lady Luck
This is not your usual stroking session. You'll learn an entirely new way to handle your cock so that it feels like a "clit." You really will cum like a girl!

Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 1 - Cum Like A Girl
You're not getting out of this one. And when you finish, I'm going to make you clean up every drop!

Babysitter Laughs At Your Tiny Dick
I want you to save up 5 of your loads in a plastic container. Go ahead and keep them in the freezer between ejaculations.

Saved Up Spermcicle
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