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I see that your treatment has been progressing well! It's all thanks to your compliance in wearing your chastity device. The less you fight the changes to your daily routine and your body, the easier you'll find the process. Daily cum eating is draining the toxic masculinity right out of you. You're becoming more docile and peaceful, accepting of your true nature. Your wife certainly can tell the difference. She's much happier now that you aren't hanging on her apron strings and sucking the life out of her with your insecurities. You're not out of the woods yet, my friend.

Beta Male Sissy Anal Orgasm JOI-CEI
Listen up, white sissy boys. Your pathetic maggot-sized pricks are useless to me. You're only good for two things: sucking the cocks of hung black studs, and giving me something to laugh at while you do it. I'll tart you up in proper hooker attire and turn you into the whore you always secretly dreamed you could be. No more pussy for you. Under my forceful guidance, you'll be on your knees, knocking back hot loads of black man's cum in no time.

Enslaved To Suck Black Cock: Forced Bi and Race Play complilation

Don't cum till we tell you to...and get that dish ready cause when you cum...you're gonna eat it!

Learning To Eat Cum
If you want to be a cum-slut so bad, sissy, now's your chance!

Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial
What's the matter, my little slut? Are those balls of yours aching for release?

Cum Eating Humiliation Games
You've done it again, you little bastard! You've been peeping on your sister in the shower again! I've had it up to here with your perverted antics.

Mom Makes You Eat Cum In Front Of Sister
What's this I hear about you refusing your man-milk bottles? One of my nannies told me you slapped it out of her hand this after noon.

Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby
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