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You might act like an ordinary, normal, every-day kind of guy, but I know your secret. You're actually a cum-sucking slut who dreams of being used like the whore you are.

My Gangbang Slut Trains To Swallow Cum
I hope you're ready to swallow a lot of cum, sissy. Starting with your own...

Forced To Serve Superior Cock
And mark my words, you'll be disposing of that sperm in a way that doesn't make any mess.

Draining My Son's Huge Balls To Curb His Secret Habit
Hello, my little spunk-monkey. I see you're back for another filthy jerk-off game. You just can't wait to play with yourself and get another taste of your own spilled seed, can you?

7 Day Cum Drinking Challenge
When you spunk, I want you to shoot into your own hand, and then - this is the important part - lick your palm clean. That's right, bitch.

Eat Cum, Or Else
A-HAH! I've caught you sticky handed. I leave the room for five minutes, and you're already trying to milk out another hot load from your cock. You really are the very picture of an addict.

Forced To Eat 2 Loads In A Row
Mommy (Larkin) is furious with you. You threw your nasty jizz shirt in the dryer with the clean clothes and now everything has your cum on it! Aunt Vera has a work conference tomorrow and now her formal black dress is ruined. We've had enough of your nasty behavior. It's normal for boys to masturbate, but you've taken it to an obsessive level. Mommy is sick of cleaning up after you.

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